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Harnessing recent developments in computer technology the latest New Naturalist volume uses the most up to date and accurate maps diagrams and photographs to analyse the diverse landscapes of ScotlandMost people share an enthusiasm for beautiful and breathtaking scenery explored variously through the physical challenge of climbing to the top of the tallest mountains or the joy of viewing the work of a painter; but while easy to admire from a distance such landscapes are usually.

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Scotland New Naturalist #119

Has resulted from natural rather than man made occurrences Friend focuses on each region individually from the windswept islands that fringe the Atlantic to the sheltered straths of Perthshire and explains the history and development of their land structures through detailed descriptions and colourful diagramsIllustrated with beautifully detailed photographs throughout Scotland comprehensively explores the formation of these wonderful landscapes that are so universally admired.

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Difficult to explain in wordsPeter Friend highlights the many famous and much loved natural landscapes of Scotland ranging from the rolling agricultural lowlands of the east to the wild and rugged mountains of the west from the whitewashed villages of Galloway to the traditional fishing ports of the east He provides detailed explanations for the wide variety of natural events and processes that have caused such an exciting range of surroundingsSetting apart the topography that.