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Stakes redemption and the choices made in between It contains the very worst and best of the human condition. Beautiful series and one of my all time favourites in manga Such a shame that most people won t even bother to read this or Mating Flight even bother to read this or

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Onani Master Kurosawa 1

Onani means masturbation And that's what this guy is good at Every day after school he sneaks into the mostl. This is the probably the best way I could ve ended my 2019 in reading Copernicus Avenue ended my 2019 in reading

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Y unused girls bathroom on the 3rd floor and masturbates Until one day when he's caughtThis is a story of mi. This review was first posted on Northern Plunder if you want to see reviews please click hereAfter watching one of Dodger

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    Onani Master Kurosawa a manga that seems ridiculous at first but it is than meets the eye It is a reading experience that showed me that a rotten person to the core can change and redeem himselfWhen you’ve read the synopsis of the manga it’s so easy to misunderstand its nature at first The premise is perverted making it look like a comedic ecchi story and the narrative is parody infused You would have the

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    This is the probably the best way I could've ended my 2019 in reading

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    This is a review of the first few chaptersFor a protagonist we have a malicious introvert whose main hobbies are reading and sneaking into a mostly deserted girls bathroom to masturbate while imagining that his female classmates or any female that catches his eye submits to him His nihilistic disdain for society reminds me of Hachiman Hikigaya from OreGairu before he was tamed by the surrounding females and

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    So I basically found out about this manga through someone online and I gotta say the whole thing has pretty much involved extremely rough edges You might think at first glance that this mangas main character is like popular evil characters we know such as LeLouch from Code Geass Light from Death Note or even involving the Joker x Harleuinn type of series In fact this manga is far from those types of series I just mention

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    Truly this is why I love manga you can have a series with a title like this but it can turn out to be something deeply affecting provided you can be persuaded to pick it up There are no haughty airs or pretensions but also no limits in the sense of subject matter or having to pander to secure a particular audience Toget

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    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder if you want to see reviews please click hereAfter watching one of Dodger's manga videos though I don't remember which she highly recommended Onani Master Kurosawa and I decided the subject matter was strange enough I'd give it a chanceI'm not sure I should've now maybe it gets better but ultimately this wasn't for meIn case you didn't read the synopsis onani me

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    Well as for me Kurosawa has uite a similar plot to Aku no hana where the boy having read too much Baudelaire went and stole all his classmates' underwear I despised Aku no hana I dropped it violently in the middle and I still use it as an example of terror and insanity in manga But to this I gave four stars though? Am I getting old?Probably no It's just that Kurosawa drawn in shaky pencil wins you immediately with its sincerity and touch

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    Beautiful series and one of my all time favourites in manga Such a shame that most people won't even bother to r

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    I dont know why but this is so awkward and painful to read Everything is so contradictory The guy was all so mysterious and pervert and I dont know Am I supposed to sort of adore him a little bit for his heroic act to get revenge in his perverted way for the bullied girl?I just found it too awkward to readNOTESeems like I judge the book too early A friend just told that that I should continue on with the series as it will got bet

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    Haha This is the very first time I've ever read a story that turns masturbation into a method for vigilante vengeance It's both disturbing and hilarious at the same timeI have no idea how this story will progress which is why I have to keep reading I keep hearing people say it's not at all what it seems It's one of the best mangas

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