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As featured in a BBC documentaryCoco is Anna Del Conte's 12 year old granddaughter and her tireless helper in the kitchen From a very early age Coco showed an interest in food and cooking Anna taught her to smell and taste food and soon enough Coco was able to start helping progressing from decorating cakes to making pasta to conjuring up her favourite taginesTaking us from the simple dishes of the early stages thro Encounters with Rauschenberg up her favourite taginesTaking Doctors, Ambassadors, Secretaries us from the simple dishes of the early stages thro

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Cooking with Coco

Ugh to complex cooking for older children by way of meatballs Coco's first biscuits lamb with couscous and sweet ricotta pancakes and illustrated with beautiful photographs Anna Del Conte brings us the best of all the recipes they have cooked together In a relaxed informal style she shows how to teach children the importance of seasonal food how to introduce new skills and techniues and how to choose the best ingred

CHARACTERS Cooking with Coco

Ients But Cooking with Coco is also an inspirational reminder of how much fun families can have together in the kitchenWritten by an internationally renowned cook food writer and grandmother for all the eager and sometimes mischievous faces around her table Cooking with Coco is a book for anyone who wants to introduce children to simple healthy and delicious cooking and the joy and satisfaction of making it themselv

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