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Es to Wyoming and the tie cutting operations on Encampment River for the Laramie Hahns Peak and Pacific railroad spur here is an illustrated account of famous mine sites early trails landmarks and some key events and activities which have been overshadowed during boom years in Routt County by construction of lakes and recreation areas at the foot of the historic mountain Hahns Peak Lake was built in 1958; Lake Pearl in 1962; Steamboat Lake State Park at closeby.

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Historic Hahns Peak

Hahns Peak Village in 1968 These chapters recapture the days of Routt County's oldest permanent settlement; they contain pictured history of buildings still standing on Main Street Hahns Peak Village The impact of Routt National Forest in its infancy and some enduring forestry land marks are descriptively illustrated Included is a map of the area which can be reached from US Highway 40 at the west edge of Steamboat Springs via Elk River Road and County Highway 1.

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For centuries Hahns Peak and its surrounding mountainswere a prime summer hunting pasture and home for the Indians of western Colorado A glint of gold at the bottom of Joseph Hahn's black pan in the 1860s ushered in a new era for white men; they came for metal and stayed to settle rich valley lands of northwest Colorado This picture book Historic Hahns Peak begins with Hahn's explorations west of the Continental Divide Its scope is from Elk River across the rang.

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    This book was very helpful for the area immediately surrounding the small town of Hahns Peak Although it did include the Elkhorn mine its scope did not include the Three Forks mining district which is my primary subject of research There are some passably good historical photographs and some stories within these chapters I haven't