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The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie MacKenzies McBrides #6

Aniel is determined to find the elusive Violet and pursue the passion he feels for her And though Violet knows that her scandalous past will keep her from proper marriage her attraction to Daniel is irresistible It’s not until Daniel is the only one she can turn to that he proves he believes in something than cold facts He believes in love. 45 Danny boy StarsWe finally get Daniel s story He is Cam s son and I have been waiting for him to be all grown up and what a story we got You usually can read the books out of order but I think it s best to read all the books with the Mackenzie men before starting this one Daniel s Uncles and Aunts have cute little places in this book and well it s best to have their story firstThe best part of this book was just Daniel himself He s the carefree happy boy that loves to spend money but also pursue his tastes and desires Which includes inventions helping the poor or hunting after Violet What I love best about this series is that you never know what kind of story you will get and what kind of characters you will get I adore Violet and her character is really uniue She does a bunch of hocus pocus kind of stuff speaks to the dead and puts up performances so when she s reuested to do a show for Daniel well the story begins from thereDaniel and Violet by far have one of the best chemistry and romances out of the historical romances I have read I really felt their relationship I loved how guarded Violet was and how she has a damaged past I love light Daniel is and how he goes through life taking everything he can and he just completes the bookThe whole book is about Daniel pursuing Violet no matter what Violet does And each time they meet he breaks a part of her defenses and I gobbled up the pages like mad I couldn t get enough of it and I read the book in one sittingThis one is by far one of my favorite book in the series but of course I still will always love Ian the best

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Knows she can’t really contact the other side but she’s excellent at reading people She discerns uickly that Daniel is intelligent and dangerous to her reputation but she also finds him generous handsome and outrageously wicked But spectres from Violet’s past threaten to destroy her and she flees England adopting yet another identityD. It s About time Daniel MacKenzie finds Love I have loved Daniel MacKenzie ever since he was a young kid running away from home in the first book of this series I have watched him grow into a brilliant fun loving witty man He can fight speaks multiple languages makes friends with ease and loves the ladies But he isn t famous or infamous yet Uncle Hart had his own personal brothel at my age where he trained ladies in the art of exuisite pleasure He trained them not the other way around the pompous bastard Dad had his own racing stable Uncle Mac was already a celebrated artist with a scandalous marriage I m a bit late in the proceedings for a Mackenzie Daniel meets Violet and is immediately entranced with her beauty and cunning She is claiming to be a medium to the afterlife but he is interested in the gadgets she uses to con her customers Daniel s intrigued when he discovers that she builds her own machines He has never met a woman he can relate to on that level before Daniel means to make Violet his lover He intends seduce and have her by his side as he travels the world From a young age I have had mistresses whose beauty and skills would astound you Skills they taught to a young man because I was ever so rich But Violet s life has been one con after the other starting when she was a young girl at the age of sixteen She was also the victim of a cruel act She may want Daniel as much as he wants her but the skeletons in her closet will not allow these two to have a peaceful unionDaniel is obsessed with finding the men that have taken advantage of and used Violet He is determined to rain down justice on these bastardsDaniel avenges his woman like a mad man This book was fast paced and a total joy to read I love the MacKezies and am crazy about Daniel This book only gets 3 stars because I never felt any emotional connection between Daniel and Violet They were attracted to each other and enjoyed each other s company but I never felt that they were in love which was really weird It was as if the author said these two were in love so therefore it must be But it wasn t conveyed well at all which was so disappointing to meI still can t wait to read of this series and see MacKenziesSexxy Mackenzie ReviewsThe Madness of Lord Ian MackenzieLady Isabella s Scandalous MarriageThe Many Sins of Lord CameronThe Duke s Perfect WifeA Mackenzie Family Christmas The Perfect Gift The Untamed MackenzieThe Wicked Deeds of Daniel MackenzieScandal and the DuchessRules for a Proper GovernessThe Stolen Mackenzie BrideA MacKenzie Clan Gathering

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SECOND SIGHT AND SEDUCTION Daniel Mackenzie lives up to the reputation of the scandalous Mackenzie family he has wealth looks and talent and women love him When he meets Violet Bastien one of the most famous spiritual mediums in England he immediately knows two things that Miss Bastien is a fraud and that he’s wildly attracted to herViolet. You are stronger than you think Daniel cupped his hands around her elbows And don t worry sweet I ll be right beside you to make sure you don t fall Daniel and Violet were a wonderful couple I completely enjoyed their story but what made me love this one was the Mackenzie family 3I love every single one of them and it was amazing to see them all so much throughout the book The storyAfter winning on poker one night Daniel is offered a woman as payment That woman is Violet the daughter of a powerful medium one who is in the business herselfDaniel of course realises from the start that she s a fraud but he doesn t care he is interested in her gadgets and machines she uses for her workAs the spend time together Daniel realises she is perfect for him but things from her past prevent her from being with himDaniel and Violet Daniel reached his tanned and callused hands out to her Then grab hold of me and hang on We re both scared about where this will end up and when the hurting will come If the hurting comes it will be bad I already know that But hang on to me and we ll find out together all right I loved them together 3Especially how Daniel was with her DHe is younger than her but I have to say I didn t feel the age difference at all because he is actually really mature probably because of the way he grew up with his family and allHe accepts Violet for who she is even though it s difficult for her to understand thatViolet has had violence in her past and she is unable to trust Daniel when it comes to the seduction part of their relationship but the woman is lucky and I mean really lucky to have someone like Daniel to help her there 3OverallThe Mackenzie family brought the magic back for this one and I loved every second of it I m kind of sad that the next book will be about Ainsley s brother because we probably won t see our favorite characters there Anyway one thing that was great Daniel s inventions and everything DA bit different than the usual but that made me love it DAnd so I really enjoyed this one from the story to the romance and most of all the characters well Daniel specifically 3He is an amazing hero and one of my favorites ever 3For all lovers of historical romance read this oneFor all lovers of this series believe me you ll love this too 3

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    4 Sacrificed Stars First read 5102015Reread 8292016rereread 822020Spoilers “I am pleased to hear it Mr Mackenzie However if you have come tonight to mock me and my work I will have to ask you to depart Or at least wait in the hall” “Why?” His eyes held an impish twinkle “Does my mockery disturb th’ spirits?”The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie is the 6th book in the MacKenzies McBrides series It is a very

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    “You are stronger than you think” Daniel cupped his hands around her elbows “And don’t worry sweet I’ll be right beside you to make sure you don’t fall” Daniel and Violet were a wonderful couple I completely enjoyed their story but what made me love this one was the Mackenzie family 3I love every single one of them and it was

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    4 Deliciously Wicked Stars The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie is the sixth book in the incredibly popular Highland Pleasures series AKA Those Sexy Mackenzies This is of course Daniel’s story one I’ve been waiting for for a very long time Second Sight And SeductionDaniel Mackenzie lives up to the reputation of the scandalous M

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    It's About time Daniel MacKenzie finds Love I have loved Daniel MacKenzie ever since he was a young kid running away from h

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    Daniel's story Title has changed to The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie

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    October 2013 is long time away sigh Two years laterWas Daniel Mackensie's story worth the wait? Years people YEARS It saddens me to say no Each character had hisher strengths but together they lacked chemistry There were lovely declarations sweet love scenes a little bit of adventure; yet this story dragged I wasn't convinced by Da

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    This may be my favorite in the series and to think I wasted all these years leaving it unread I hope to add laterToo much later to write a proper review but let me just say that what a lucky girl I was reading this and Pr

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    This was such a treat for me as the Mackenzie clan has always held a special place in my heart Mainly Ian Mackenzie; and those who know me know that he has Asperger's like my oldest daughter So everytime I read about Ian I s

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    45 Danny boy StarsWe finally get Daniel’s story He is Cam’s son and I have been waiting for him to be all grown up and what a stor

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    Another brilliant 5 star Mackenzie storyI've enjoyed watching Daniel Mackenzie grow and mature in the course of this series and am thrilled th

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