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T mountain peak Only five of them were to return In this book oneof the survivors of the expedition tells the day to day story of the climb and describes the raging storm and the crucial errors in judgment.

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The hall of the mountain king

The true story of a tragic climb Dust jacket notes On June 25 1967 the twelve members of the Joseph F Wilcox Mount McKinley Expedition began their ascent of 20320 foot Mount McKinley North America's highes.

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Which led to the deaths of seven men At the same time in depicting the fascinating interplay of personalities he provides a vivid picture of a microcosm of humanity strugling for survival in a world of ic.

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    Yet another account of the tragic Denali climb of 1967 this time told by one of the climbers who participated in the expedition It was interesting to get his point of view He must have been a meticulous journal keeper as his descriptions were very detailed However since he is an engineer and and a mountaineer and not a writer or maybe because I had read two books about this expeditions before this one the book didn't really cap

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    The Hall of The Mountain King is Howard Snyder's first person account of the tragic 1967 Wilcox McKinley Expedition in which 7 young men died It also refers to Mount McKinley itself where the bodies of those young men still rest on its glacial and windswept upper peaks It is a sad and compelling bookHoward Snyder was the leader of a small group of Colorado climbers that was basically forced by the National Park Service to combine with the

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    Snyder's by the numbers recollection of the doomed '67 Wilcox Expedition of Mount McKinleyDenali is enthralling infuriating and shockingly tragic and benefits from Snyder's wit and a intelligent writing Still the scientific and well documented narrative leaves much to be desired in the way of exploring and understanding the tragedy In some ways this is beneficial Snyder avoids the pitfalls of personal bias and philosophizing but misses out

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