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Swords and Daggers An Illustrated Handbook

Nd development of swords and daggers from ancient times to the twentieth century considering their importance as tools of battle and their dress and ceremonial significance Captioned illustrations for nearly 250 weap.

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Ons depict bronze swords made almost 3000 years ago arms of the medieval period and bladed weapons used by fighting men of the twentieth century Notes on collecting and classifying swords and daggers are also include.

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This attractively illustrated handbook on European cut and thrust weapons will appeal to steady customers of Dover books on military weapons and armor The carefully researched crisply written text traces the origin a.

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    Nice book with a fairly brief history and overview of swords and daggers After the few introductory chapters however the book is then just one picture after another of a multitude of swords and daggers with a small paragraph for each one Interesting but many of the swords have very little information and it becomes little than a li

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    It was cool some out dated references to technology and categorization bit otherwise very informative with the majority of the book being pictures of various swords and daggers

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    Swords and Daggers An Illustrated Handbook 2004

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