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1000 Subscribers WordPress Skillshare Course

Skillshare are back at it with the $0.99 Subscription Sale. The teachers have a referral link allowing new students a 3 month subscription for $0.99.

The link below goes to my course, but once signed up you get full access to thousands of teachers courses covering everything from social media and creative writing to knitting and origami. I’m bias, I know, but for $0.99 it is an bargain.

How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month on Skillshare.

Bad Johnny

A follow on from last weeks post, I gather the rough info I need from my theme mashing, and update Bad Johnny to 1.0.3. I make a few changes through the Child Theme, even allowing Bad Johnny a bit of extra width (that’s what she said! Fnar fnar!), and decide I like the new look a lil better. The images are larger and clearer and I have room for more menu options on the to bar.

I think it goes well until I find the sidebar missing on all single posts. Doh! Apparently thats a thing with some WordPress themes. Oh dear now I want my sidebar there all the time! After much flapping and plug in searching (none of which do the job without faff) I find and remove the text in the CSS that gives me my sidebar back. Awesome! I can go to bed happy.

When I wake up the next day theres a new update from WordPress. Bad Johnny 1.0.4 is waiting for me. DOH!




Child Themes

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 22-29-02

Piss, bugger, bum, fart.

I start quite a few posts like that don’t I?

OK, a reminder to everyone why child themes are awesome. A child theme is your own personal CSS that is added on to, and over rules, the theme you are using. If you change part of a theme, next time you update the theme, you lose your changes. Your child theme however remains the same until you change it.

So the smart man adds a child theme to change the page dimensions, element shapes, font families and visual style of a theme. The blithering idiot makes changes direct to the theme.

Guess what blithering idiot is now in a quandary after making dozens of changes to the theme 10 months ago, without a child theme, or noting what they all were, to now see theres a new update waiting for his theme.



Penguin Host UK are awesome.

I got myself IP blocked recently (again). I had to contact support, and despite my many daft unintelligent issues, they are always patient, helpful and swift to deal with problems.

That is also why my scheduled posts were firing off and I was unable to reply to anybodies comments for a couple of days. Doh!

For a basic blog with a .co.uk address they cost as little as £13 a year (+VAT).

Jetpack 4.3.1 fixed?


Not sure…

Some regulars reappeared here today and Debug says I am attached to WordPress again. However I am told by a few that people still are not getting notifications of new posts. Something may still be wrong. Oh well.

On the flip side this re-taught me a valuable lesson about all my eggs in one basket. I do not think Social Media or web links are vital for any blogger. But when you run your blog as a rolling PR or make a few bob out of it, you cannot rely on one source of visitors. I did say I was going to go visit Pinterest and web forums this month. Would be a good idea, as I currently only have 6300 WordPress subscribers, who may or may not be seeing my posts, and no main other income of visitors.