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End of Summer


Not sure how this thing survived so long. End of Summer came to a sharp end this week and everything turned brown within days in the UK. Quick cold snap.

Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.9 – ISO 200



“What do you think Reala?” asked Beth. “Do you think there should be a 2017 general election?”

“To be honest Beth” sighed Reala, “I think politicians are like diapers.”

“Oh?” inquired Beth.

“They get changed for the same reason” replied Reala.


For the non Brits, #BrexitBritain is trending today with an out cry of people angry at Theresa May for not following through with what the Brexit campaign promised.

Are you fecking kidding me? When Brexit won, the very next day, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were called out for lying and ran for the hills. Claims by Nigel Farage the NHS was going to be £350 million better off. Rubbished the very next day.

How can you be outraged at Theresa May for breaking these pledges and promises when they always were utterly unattainable? You were lied to. Remain Campaign were no better, but acting surprised now that these pledges cannot be met is the daftest thing I have heard since Brexit first began.