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To Do – Write a To Do

I have been asked a few times how I get so much done in a day, both on my blog and at my place of work. People marvel at how much drawing, writing, PR’ing, social media… Ing… And other ‘ings I get through.

My reply is usually ‘A strong To Do’.

Case in point, a week or so ago, I did this. *Click Me*

An awful lot done in a single day I am sure you will agree.

Yesterday I had no To Do, but I had the drive to get up and get stuff done. I was going to set out my price list for services rendered, get ahead on a weeks blogging, art and photography, and have a nice clean empty Sunday.

I did none of that. I ended up struggling to get my price list written up, three posts done, one I had already made, and then floundered like a bloody fairy for the rest of the day.

The power of a To Do is strong.


November To Do

Real life aside, lets double or nothing on the digital life and get ahead pre-unpassying. My photography will take a hit this month, stupidly busy for my last 4 weeks of day job. Once I finish though, I am free, stress will hopefully drop, less chest pains and my bowel disease can sort itself out.

60 Doodles
60 Photos
60 Posts
60 Tales
60 Revenue Streams
60 Listings (Ebay/Etsy)
60 Clients / Contacts to make online
60 Forum Posts
30,000 Word NaNoWriMo (Novella I know)

What are you up to digitally in November? Feel free to link in comments.