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A character after initial doodle I dumped on Flickr and ignored. I later got told by a few people that it was their favorite doodle of mine. Getting it into a high rez image was really hard though. The original doodle is about 2cm high. It was tiny. No matter how I upsized and vectored her she always had little bobbles on her lines. After some shouting, swearing and bashing the laptop about, I got the bobble lines into semi bobble lines that I loved. The result ended up on the T Shirt above.

Yuffie was the name of a necromancer I used to play in Ultima Online. If you are going to be evil, be evil with a groovy name. Yuffie is now available on my Threadless store page.


Another of my recent redesigns. I love this simple little character, but as with Smoke, I had made the image to large for the T Shirt, offered him only in white and needed to tidy him up a bit.

I filled in his eyes as white, but left the post posca dots on his head transparent. The above image is the social media friendly image I can tweet for him. He also looks nice on colours other than white. Again, yes, I know, it was my first time creating this sort of thing.

As the above image suggests, he is also now available on my Threadless store.

Shop, Blog & Changes

A few changes. Did ya see them? I have gone more visual with the blog this last 6 months, so filled it out a bit, increased the max width of the blog from 500 to about 750. Lets the images flow better.

I also added a proper menu with all the topics under the blog button on the top left and removed those ghastly links down the right side.

Last change was to add a shop page. It has a loosely filled out Threadless store, which I imagine you all know is going to expand. It also has all the featured items from the blog with Amazon affiliate links. I get paid pennies if you click one of them links and purchase a product, but it does build over time and helps put bread on the table and buy chews for the dogs, so all pennies appreciated.

I do need to cut down those social icons. Put them there and have since decided theres to many of them and they also look ghastly.

With a quick question to you wonderful followers, can you see anything else that needs improving? Anything that can be tightened up? Enhanced? Better presented? Let me know, would love to hear your critiques!