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Child Themes

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 22-29-02

Piss, bugger, bum, fart.

I start quite a few posts like that don’t I?

OK, a reminder to everyone why child themes are awesome. A child theme is your own personal CSS that is added on to, and over rules, the theme you are using. If you change part of a theme, next time you update the theme, you lose your changes. Your child theme however remains the same until you change it.

So the smart man adds a child theme to change the page dimensions, element shapes, font families and visual style of a theme. The blithering idiot makes changes direct to the theme.

Guess what blithering idiot is now in a quandary after making dozens of changes to the theme 10 months ago, without a child theme, or noting what they all were, to now see theres a new update waiting for his theme.



sandstrom digital radio

This weeks theme for Scribblers Cove is Radio. For those that need a lil inspiration for what to draw, photo or screenshot, head over to Scribblers Cove on Flickr and join in the bi weekly themes.


Nailed it!

nailed it

Good grief that’s been annoying me for the longest time! The subscription box was cutting off the end when the theme was shown on a large screen. Not anything major, but rather annoying when you see it often enough on your own site.

Found the code I needed to change by inspecting the element in a browser. The id of the WordPress Jetpack plug ins subscription widget. Then changed the max-width.

If you are having this problem yourself, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Edit CSS and add the following line, with the max-width set to whatever you need.

#subscribe-field-blog_subscription-3 {
max-width: 140px;

My current Desktop

Took some screenies for Ubuntu Forums screenshot thread (March one here). I thought id post them up here to seeing as they are on my Flickr feed ^^

This is taken of Xubuntu on my main desktop with XFCE4 4.4 (stable 8.10 nothing fancy installed).

Clearlooks theme with Agualemon windows theme.
Xubuntu Studio icon set
Wallpaper XFCE elegant & mice by dpay on XFCE Look

I normaly have the side panels set to to hidden so i only see them when i flick my mouse over the sides of the screen.



Stylish eh? ^^

Installing new Windows Themes in XFCE

To install an window theme in Xubuntu you need to move the folder with the theme in to your systems theme folder. In our beloved Xubuntu that happens to be /usr/share/themes. Ill tell you the GUI way and the Terminal way. In both examples im going to assume you theme is un-tarred and is just a folder sitting on your Desktop.

The GUI Way

Open up Terminal and type:

sudo thunar

Your presented with a Thunar window. Navigate to your desktop, right click your new themes folder and hit Copy. Now go to the Themes folder, to get there click File System on the left side of the window. Open the following path of folders.


Paste your Theme folder into your Themes folder, close thunar, and your done. Open the Theme menu on XFCE settings and you should see your new Theme.

The Terminal Way

Below is the command needed to move an folder from your Desktop to your Theme folder. Obviously replace Theme_folder with the name of your new themes folder.

sudo mv /Desktop/theme_folder /usr/share/themes

Open the Themes menu on XFCE settings and you should see your new theme.

For some XFCE themes have a look at : http://xfce-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=15x100x420&PHPSESSID=3341e02fa147eda09aa95849e2cd7f52

Hope somebody finds this usefull ^^