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Using Forums

Old school discussion forums! I love them! OK so they are dated and quietly fading into the background, possibly thanks to social media taking over as a digital way to communicate.

That said, when I sought answers from my old blog last month, I found forums to be the biggest contributor to my 7 years dead old blog. Most of the hits came from guides I had fully shared onto forums such as UbuntuForums.org, with a link either in my signature or at the bottom of my post.

Social media may be more popular than web forums, but there is something to be said for joining a community and joining or starting discussions outside of the blogosphere to aid your blogs traffic.


“So what, did you do it for security reasons?” asked Reala.

“Not at all” said Autumn.

“So why did you change all your passwords to ‘incorrect'” asked Beth.

“Well” said Autumn, “I can never remember any of my passwords, and my cat keeps eating my password books.”

“And?” pushed Reala.

“Well every time I get my password wrong, I get a reminder” said Autumn.

“Eh?” asked Beth.

Autumn spun her laptop around for all to see the message, ‘Your password is incorrect’.

Fujifilm XF1

My Fujifilm XF1 is my most loved camera ever. The XF1 is a high end compact camera. Its just small enough to get into my big jackets pockets, and just big enough to be a pain in my jeans pockets.

It looks fantastic and feels fantastic. Proper lil retro look to it.

It has enough options to keep me feeling like a proper photographer with aperture and iso settings, and enough ‘good’ presets that I rarely need them.

The only problem with it is the lens control errors that have marred it since I have owned it. Its been back to Fujifilm 5 or 6 times. But to their credit they have repaired it every time and this cameras well out of warranty.

I would certainly recommend the brand Fujifilm, but maybe not this camera.

That said, the day this camera finally does move on into digital heaven, you will find me burying its body under a tree. With a gravestone. Releasing a dove. Crying.

I really love this little camera.

Hard Drives for the Non Techy Minded

I got duped! Kinda… Bad case of should have known better.

OK a quick run down of the difference between laptop hard drives for the non tech minded among you. It may help some of you on future purchases.

The first type of laptop hard drive is a traditional old style mechanical drive. They have several disks in them, like CDs, which record your data. The are heavy, they do not like being moved while the disks are spinning and are slow compared to modern hard drives. They can also get hot with constant use and contribute to your laptops heat output. They are however easy to to change with a universal Sata connection, can be upgraded to a 2.5″ SSD drive at a later date, and cheap!

£50 for a 1 Terrayte old style mechanical hard drive.

The next type is a 2.5″ SSD drive (Solid State Drive). A long time ago they were considered unreliable. I never experienced unreliable SSD drives. They are fast. Seriously fast. The Sandisk Ultra has a read / write speed over 10 times faster than the Samsung listed above. I notice the difference the most starting up a PC and starting programs. An old style mechanical drive took 14 secounds to open an A1 300dpi poster I was working on. The SSD drive had it open in 3 secounds. The also have Sata connections so can replace your mechanical Sata drive and as they do not having any moving parts, they do not heat up like mechanical hard drives. The downside is however is the price.

£170 for a 960gb Sandisk Utra SSD.

There are also hybrids available, which are a mix of the two. Its a good idea as they try to store your most used files and programs on a small SSD drive within a mechanical drive, so the programs and files you use regularly open quickly. Its also a lot cheaper than an SSD drive. They have Sata connections so can replace any other Sata hard drive. I am not a fan though. I did not see the great gains promised from mine, and to be honest, if you can wait it out, you can get a 1 TB SSD in a sale for £100.

£70 for a Toshiba Hybrid Drive.

EMMC drives are feckin pointless. OK, maybe not entirely pointless, but I cannot stand them. An EMMC drive is a small chip, embedded onto your laptops motherboard. 99% of the time they cannot be removed or replaced. The advantages are they are tiny and lightweight and cheap to manufacture, this makes them great for things like Chromebooks. They are often referred to as SSD drives. They are technically solid state drives as they have no moving parts. However, they rarely go above 32gb in size, they are often slower than mechanical hard drives, and I repeat, usually cannot be replaced.

£125 Lenovo Chromebook with an EMMC

The last kind is PCIe memory. These are tiny solid state hard drives that have their own connection type. They are lightweight and have no moving parts so fairly cool. They are also blisteringly fast. Faster than the SSD drives I mentioned above. This is because they do not have a Sata connection, they have the potentially faster PCIe connection. I can turn the new laptop on and start using Firefox withing 5 secounds. They cannot however be swapped with any drive. If you get a laptop with a PCIe hard drive, at the moment, you can only upgrade it with a PCIe hard drive. That can be off putting when you see the price. This often limits you to smaller hard drives. If you are a graphics designer, video editor or gamer, they become cost prohibitive.

£599 for a 1TB PCIe hard drive.

So as you can see above, there are 3 solid state drives (SSD), and I fell for the dupe in PCWorld where I was told the laptop had an SSD drive and could be upgraded, which it can be. He just did not tell me it was a PCIe drive and would cost a fortune to do. Oh well, live, learn, and teach others to not make the same mistake.

I am still happy with my HP Pavillion 360 though. 🙂

Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse

logitch ultra thin mouse

Holy crap I love this thing. I got it from PC world when it first came out, it is available on Amazon here.

Its super smooth, like a pebble under your hand. The mouse button is sort of on the underside, and it has a right and left click when you press where the buttons should be. You scroll by moving your finger over the mouse like you would a scroll wheel, its touch sensitive. It connects via blue tooth and works with every PC and Android device I have tried it with. Its ultra portable and fits in the little pockets in laptop & tablet bags. You can pair it with 2 different devices, it lasts months of a single charge and quite frankly, for a mouse, it looks quite sexy.

The only downsides I could say is that its buttons make loud clicks and the USB charger point is on the bottom so you cannot charge it and use it.

Neither of those are downsides. Unless you live with someone OCD about silence, they may kill you about the clicks. Being killed is definitely a downside.