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#SundayBlogShare – Mens Edition

Ever gone seeking male bloggers in the sea of female bloggers? It can be a fruitless search, fraught with rambles. The Mens and MensHealth tags on WordPress reader have moss growing on them as opposed to TheGirlGang tag.

Please allow me to save you some time and recommend 4 good male bloggers for you.

MafiaX writes at Gear X Head. Met him when I had to reboot this blog back in January. It has some of the finest cars and motorcycles the Internet has to offer, true eye candy for any oil rag wielding male!

Phil Huston has some deep thoughts on Not Very Deep Thoughts. A musician who blogs his fiction and poetry.

w1nt3l has a self titled blog, w1nt3l – Living life measured in 1’s and 0’s, often at 0.5. More of a personal thoughts blog than a single subject guy.

KevR at ManOnAHog has a good blog too. Like you would expect, hes a man with a Harley. Also similar age to me. Similar maturity level too…

Know any good male bloggers, or have a mens blog yourself? Leave us a link below and give them a Sunday share!