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Free skillshare class on How I gained 1000 WordPress followers


For the time being this class is free.


A real bad case of ‘Can do better’. I have been holding audiences and talking over microphones for years online and in real life. I lead, others follow. I talk, others listen. That sounds big headed I know. But it is a skill I have built with years of experience. Usually off the cuff and never scripted.

So when I saw skillshare.com wanting teachers, of course it was an obvious route for me to take.

Fustratingly it did not go well. I did a short course on gaining WordPress followers. I recorded voice overs for a screenshot slideshow.

Once finished I published it and watched it. It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever done, but stone the crows it was awful compared to what I can do.

No personality, bland, not sharp and snappy like everything else I do.

So for the time being I have set this class to free. If it gets some decent reviews I’ll consider putting it up to premium.

A premium account costs as little as $0.99 for 3 months by the way and gives you access to the whole of skillshares premium site, so it’s still a good deal.

On the upside it’s been a good learning experience of using video editing software, audio software, and how to actually make a course. So I will be creating more courses in the next few weeks on other subjects and hopefully bring in my trademark snappyness and humour.

1000 WordPress Subscribers in a month

Get in.

Well. A little over a month actually.

When I backup and imported my blog end of last year I made a cock up and my subscribers were set back to 0. I set myself a target of 1000 genuine subscribers by the end of January. I created a post a day, every day for the whole month on topics I want to post or write.

Lots of Tippex and Posca images, lots of amusing Tales of the Blue Moon, a bit about motorbikes, lots of dog pictures and a few posts about technology in the mix.

I then set out to find like minded people, people who may be interested in what I do and what I have to say.

I followed a series of tags on WordPress reader.


Short Story



Second Life

I also added a few I was interested in for work where I need to deal with bloggers, providing samples and getting bloggers to review our products.


I then set myself some arbitrary limits on what I could do each day for a few reasons. I loath spam and insincerity, and I also wanted something record-able. ‘Do this and x happens’. I also dislike wasting my time and other peoples time. Someone who writes and follows blogs on being a great mother, will most most likely find nothing of interest on my site. So I don’t waste theirs or my time following them.

My limits were :

Only respond to images or posts that I have an interest in myself.
For every 3 Post Likes
I Follow 2 Blogs
Leave 1 Comment

I also said I would spend half an hour to an hour, no more, doing this each day. It turns out, there are spam limits on WordPress reader. I hit it twice. I have no idea what causes you to hit the spam limit, but if you hit it, its probably for a reason. Take that as your que to stop for the day.

The result was from December 28th to January 30th I went from a handful of followers to 1015 followers with some extra email subscribers.

I also met a lot of like minded dog loving, graffiti making, Ubuntu using, motorcycle riding, story telling people who inspire me to make further posts who have some wonderful blogs I am now subscribed too.