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Now heres a gift idea. I got this for the missus birthday, a 3 month subscription to ScrawlrBox. It costs £15 per month including P&P, and they send you a box of pens to a particular theme.

This month was her first, and it was themed as brush pens and the featured artist was Emma from BlackChalkCo. Inside you get :

Simple techniques to enhance your lettering guide.
Featured Artist info with a discount from the BlackChalkCo.
Scrawlr Sticker.
Swizzels Whistle Sweet.
Info card for all pens.

Speaking of which…

1 x Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen.
1 x Artline Stix Brush Pen.
3 x Artline Stix Colouring Marker.
2 x Ecoline Brush Pen.
1 x Crayola Broad Tip Marker.

Holy crap Crayola? From when you were a kid Crayola? Thats awesome!

Yeah I reckon that makes a nice gift for the art obsessed among you.

Hippy Paste Deodorant


Now here is a product I became quite taken with. Hippy Paste by Earth Conscious.

It is a deodorant in a paste form. Its in a tin and has the texture of a firm hair pomade. I find it best to apply it in a similar way to pomade. Take a pea size ball and warm it between the palms of your hands, then apply to your pre sweaty body parts.

The citrus paste, which I got in a ToppBox, smells great. First time I have worn a really nice smelling deodorant. They usually all smell the same to me.

It is more of a faff to put on than spray and roll ons.

Its a product I will be buying in the future. I like the ethics, I like the packaging and I like the product. Cheers ToppBox and Earth Conscious!