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Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x

flint + flint exfoliator

I got a Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x in a ToppBox last month. It is not a product I would have ever bought in store.

Its meant to clean remove dead skin from the face and leave it looking radiant. It felt nice to use and has a nice fragrance. It feels like its doing the job, but I do not think I suffer with dead skin enough to notice a visual difference.

I’ll also say its expensive. Like £30 a tube expensive.

Possibly a nice product, but a definitely not a product for me.

Jetpack 4.3.1 fixed?


Not sure…

Some regulars reappeared here today and Debug says I am attached to WordPress again. However I am told by a few that people still are not getting notifications of new posts. Something may still be wrong. Oh well.

On the flip side this re-taught me a valuable lesson about all my eggs in one basket. I do not think Social Media or web links are vital for any blogger. But when you run your blog as a rolling PR or make a few bob out of it, you cannot rely on one source of visitors. I did say I was going to go visit Pinterest and web forums this month. Would be a good idea, as I currently only have 6300 WordPress subscribers, who may or may not be seeing my posts, and no main other income of visitors.

Niche for Men

I got a pack of 2 Niche for Men Deodorizing Wipes in a Toppbox recently. Not something I would have ever actually bought in a store.

They sat on my bathroom shelf for a few weeks where it was obvious they were not going to be used, before eventually shoving them into my motorcycle pannier. Well they weren’t going to be used at home when I had a shower there were they?

Sure enough, on one of Britain’s hottest days… Stop laughing… I found myself off to visit a client at 4pm after an incredibly physical and somewhat sweaty day. One of them Niche body wipes saved the day. I keep a spare shirt in my pannier in case of dirty man hand syndrome. This time I was able to defumigate myself as well.

In a very Ronseal fashion, the wipes did what they said on the packet. I felt fresher, looked fresher, and frankly, smelled fresher.

The meeting went great, I was able to drop a banner off to them, and I found I had a great use for the Niche Mens Wipes.

I do not believe I would go through these particularly quickly. Maybe once a month at most. But I will be keeping a couple in my motorcycles panniers from now on.

Nailed it!

nailed it

Good grief that’s been annoying me for the longest time! The subscription box was cutting off the end when the theme was shown on a large screen. Not anything major, but rather annoying when you see it often enough on your own site.

Found the code I needed to change by inspecting the element in a browser. The id of the WordPress Jetpack plug ins subscription widget. Then changed the max-width.

If you are having this problem yourself, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Edit CSS and add the following line, with the max-width set to whatever you need.

#subscribe-field-blog_subscription-3 {
max-width: 140px;

Do you box?

The brands I work for get approached by subscription box companies weekly looking for free or painfully low cost products to put into subscription boxes. I am generally against them, because none of them guarantee any PR, Blog or future business return.

However, as I am making an effort to look after myself better, I figure its worth trying a 3 month subscription to the mens Toppbox. Toppbox have some really good mens brands on board, only one for mens grooming worth looking at in the UK at the moment.

My first one arrived with a Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm, Trevarno Organic Mens Moisturiser, Gruhme and Scaramouche & Fandango Body Wash

I have never used moisturizers or balms before. The products I got are all 4 – 5 stars on Amazon so rated pretty good (if maybe a lil small). You only get sample sizes in the box.

I’ll let you know how I get on with them.