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Get Moving

Last week I had a physical breakdown caused by stress firing off my bowel disease and my whole body gave up in spectacular fashion. What a chuffing pansy.

I believe it is largely to do with what’s left of the day job. I have been sodding miserable there for a while and work along some of the most negative people on the planet.

You know what to do in that situation right?

You leave.

No point whining to your friends, neighbours or the Internet about it.

If after 17 years working somewhere you can get so miserable you have a total physical collapse, you leave. Move on. Find something else.

In my case I will be going full time self employed. Pimping my ridiculously diverse skill set for fame, money and dog kibbles.

Giving notice this week to be out of there end of November.

If any of you wonderful folk have a use for any of my said diverse skill set on the ‘For Hire‘ page, drop me an email.

Get moving Sable.



Christ alive I am done tonight. I still have a day job with people I despise. Its been getting to me this last few weeks. So stressed my neck, shoulders, back and chest hurts (muscular not heart attack). I am so tense it is untrue. No creativity in tonights photo, a quick home time snap. We will see you tomorrow. Relax time now.

Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.2 – ISO 800