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An Alpaca walked into Blue Moons wearing a huge slice of toast around his neck.

Reala looked over, grimacing. “Why are you in my theatre?” she asked.

“Browsin” replied the Alpaca.

“Whats with the toast?” asked Reala, walking right into it.

“Oh this?” said the Alpaca. “I’m inbred…”


Autumn walked into the Blue Moons, holding a giant placard.

“Whats that?” asked Nikki.

“Protest placard” said Autumnm turning it out to reveal the word ‘Bad’ painted on with glitter paint.

“Oh” said Nikki, “thats not a good sign.”

Reala groaned.



“Late again” grumbled Reala.

“Sorry!” exclaimed Fuen. “Cheese factory exploded on my route in.”

“Oh dear” said Reala, “is everyone OK?”

“I think so” said Fuen, “but de-brie everywhere.”


“Oh don’t be so stupid!” cried James.

“It’s in the bible!” exclaimed Star.

“What is?” asked Reala.

“Nothing” stropped James. “Star’s being an idiot.”

“Look” said Star, “right here, Deuteronomy 1–34, Moses led his men through the desert for 40 years before dying with the promised land in sight.”

“So?” asked Reala.

“Proof that even in biblical times” said Star, “men couldn’t stop and ask directions…”


“I see Vokey” said Reala. “You are applying for the promotion?”

“Yes yes” said Vokey, handing over the application.

“Hmmm” mumbled Reala reading the appalling hand writing. “Whats this?”

“Wossat?” asked Vokey.

“Under the line ‘In case of emergency, whom should we contact?” said Reala.

Vokey looked at the paper and squinted. “A very good doctor” she replied.