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Beth stood at the door with a grin.

“OK” said Reala. “I’ll bite.”

“Not me you won’t!” yelled Beth with a smile.

“Beth” said Reala, “why are you dressed as a macaro…”

“Fake macaroni” pipped in Beth.

“Why then” replied Reala, “are you dressed as a fake macaroni?”

“Because” grinned Beth, “I’m an impasta!”

“Good grief” sighed Reala.

Tales of the Blue Moon


“She was hopeless” sighed Vokey.

“That bad huh?” asked Pru.

“Who at what?” asked Reala.

“I took Cinderella to a charity soccer match” said Vokey. “She was meant to be our goalie.”

“Not that good aye?” asked Reala, walking into it.

“Awful” said Vokey. “She kept running from the ball.”

Reala winced.

Tales of the Blue Moon


“My wife left me” sighed Nikki.

“Oh dear” said Reala, “how are you taking it?”

“Awful” sighed Nikki. “I have been so lonely and depressed I bought a dog, a new motorbike, had sex with 2 women and spent a fortune on drink and drugs.”

“I am sorry to hear that” replied Reala.

“Mmm” mumbled Nikki. “She’s gonna go mad when she gets home from the shops…”

Tales of the Blue Moon

Pulled Over

Reala stood at the door of Moons watching a traffic police car pull Vicki over.

“You do realize you were speeding there madam?”¬†asked the policeman.

“No, I was just trying to keep up with the traffic” said Vicki.

“There is no traffic, the road is completely empty” said the policeman.

“See” cried Vicki, “that’s how far behind I am!”

Tales of the Blue Moon


“No I got kicked out” sighed Mel.

“Of what?” asked Reala.

“She got kicked out of a fire starting competition” said Cara.

“Oh dear” said Reala, “what for?

“Match fixing” grumbled Mel.

Tales of the Blue Moon