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Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse

logitch ultra thin mouse

Holy crap I love this thing. I got it from PC world when it first came out, it is available on Amazon here.

Its super smooth, like a pebble under your hand. The mouse button is sort of on the underside, and it has a right and left click when you press where the buttons should be. You scroll by moving your finger over the mouse like you would a scroll wheel, its touch sensitive. It connects via blue tooth and works with every PC and Android device I have tried it with. Its ultra portable and fits in the little pockets in laptop & tablet bags. You can pair it with 2 different devices, it lasts months of a single charge and quite frankly, for a mouse, it looks quite sexy.

The only downsides I could say is that its buttons make loud clicks and the USB charger point is on the bottom so you cannot charge it and use it.

Neither of those are downsides. Unless you live with someone OCD about silence, they may kill you about the clicks. Being killed is definitely a downside.

Ubuntu – Auto Left Click


Ever had a menial task that required a lot of left clicking of a mouse button? Yes, I wish I had one in late 90s and early 2000’s MMORPGs too…

For the modern machine running Ubuntu, heres an autoclicker script with instructions.

while true
echo "ButtonPress 1 ButtonRelease 1" |
xmacroplay -d 2000

Create an empty document with Gedit in your home folder called ~ click.

Copy paste in the above code and save.

You will need XMacro installed to run the script. Open a terminal and enter :

sudo apt-get install xmacro

Make the script executable with :

chmod +x click

Then run the script with :


The script will make you left mouse click constantly with a delay of 2 secounds between each click. To stop the script, close the terminal. To increase or decrease the delay between each click, increase or decrease the number ‘2000’. Bare in mind the time is in millisecounds. If you change it to ‘-d 50’ for example, you will need to be able to hover back over the terminal window to close the script.

This has been tested and works on Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10, 15.04 and 15.10.

Will i remove the mouse?

A hard question has rose its ugly head to me recently. I realy like a pretty looking desktop. I also like XFCE (bit of a fanboi tbh). Whenever i look at trying new distros i look for what has XFCE first. I loved MINT XFCE and Zenwalk because they both looked fantastic. Also, XFCE has a mouse. This is no trivial thing. Mice rock!

But recently ive been feeling the need for something different… Something maybe a little more satisfying or pretty…..

I dont want Gnome + Compiz. Theres a lot of themes to choose from but its not something im intrested in. To bland and samey for my liking.

KDE? Well maybe, but ive never felt any empathy towards KDE. Never any desire to use it at all. So what else does that leave me with?

Well theres Enlightenment…

Hmms thats an intresting one isnt it… I could try Enlightenment17, give it a bash, so how the ‘arty’ DE is. Its been a while scince i last used it to be honest. So maybe i should try E17.

A flick about and i see two that stand out to me. Elive and OzOs. Elive is based on Debian and OzOs is based on Xubuntu.

Now Elive looks stunning. It mixes the beauty of E17 with Compiz to create an incredibly beautiful distro. OzOs is just E17, but its based on Xubuntu. This had me thinking for a minute. I could stick to my beloved Xubuntu base and carry on wearing my ‘comfy Ubuntu slippers’. Ive always loved Ubuntu/Xubuntu so it just feels comfy for me to use now. Or i could move onto Elive with its Debian base. Debians not unlike Ubuntu in many ways, but at the same time, its not Ubuntu. Does that make sense?

The one slight drawback with OzOs is it uses a Hardy Heron base. This means i wont be able to take advantage of the EXT4 file structure Jaunty is going to use for a long time.

I think i will give them both a spin, see what they are like. Heck, to be honest if i get on with E17 i can always follow my own steps for when i made my own mix of Ubuntu and install E17 on an Ubuntu base. First of all though, i need to give them a spin ^^