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Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.9 – ISO 800




They get me every time… 🙂

Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.9 – ISO 400

Gerald Gordge

Mr Gordge is awesome. I found his blog browsing the Art tag in WordPress, liked and followed and in return he drew this! Lily and 2 Sallys! I love it! Without a doubt one of the nicest and most out of the blue things anyone has done in the blogging community for me.

Thanks again Mr Gordge, thats awesome!



Look up the road

herald sinnis retrostar classic cafe renthal scrambler

On a motorcycle you ride in the direction you are looking in. Look around a corner, you ride around the corner, look at a tree, you ride at the tree.

Good analogy for life. If you look at office drama or family rows, you go into office drama or family rows. It then causes you headache, grief and ball ache nobody needs.

So when you find yourself looking at that sort of shit, stop. Look up the road. Towards the sun. Go that way. Its probably better.

Fujifilm XF1 – f/3.6 – ISO 100

Black Park 2

Continued bopping about Black Park.

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