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Scribblers Cove – Snow

The first of the 2 fortnightly themes in Scribblers Cove Flickr group is Snow. I have 2 old photos I had to decide between for Snow. One was of the Rieju RS2 wearing carrots as eyes while covered in snow. The other was the Sinnis Trackstar pictured above. The Rieju is a better and funnier photo. The image above though, that was the start of a bad day. A light snow flurry in the morning, and it was off to work. It then started snowing again at 9am. It didnt stop the entire day. The journey home was hard. The A40 was at its usual stand still, but filtering up traffic lines in heavy snow, for 20’ish mile… That’s hard.

Like a lot of hardships in life though, I had a massive sense of achievement afterwards. Mainly for not dropping the bike once, and making it home 12 hours faster than anybody else in London that night.

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Photo taken with a Fujifilm XF1 compact camera.


Interesting thing Sable got on his motorbike number 347. A full sized Oil Radiator to the local tip.

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Braap! We all make that noise inside our heads when we give it some beans… 🙂


If it’s sunny outside I am always game for taking out delivery’s 🙂

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Mechanic Dog


Lily the mechanic after helping service the motorbike.

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