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Dear Barber Moustache Wax

What is it?
Dear Barber Moustache Pomade with Oat, Jojoba and Argan Oils. Billed as being soft and workable while quick setting on the moustache. Another from TheModernMan box a few weeks back.

How To Use
Use a finger nail to swipe a tiny amount of the pot, and between your fingers to warm the pomade, rub into moustache, comb through, style as desired.

The Pros
One of the stronger moustache pomades. Its great for keeping stray hair in line, styling, and stays in there all day no matter how many times winter forces you to blow your nose. It feels more like a fiber. The scent is mild and pleasant, perfect for a moustache pomade. I like the classic styled branded too.

The Cons
The descriptions of Dear Barber Moustache Wax claim its specially formulated to remain soft and workable between the fingers. I found it generally hard even when warm. That is not a con for me, I love Dear Barber because its so strong. But if you want a soft pomade, this may not be the one for you.

The Take Away
Super strong pomade. Really good for styling. Is a go to Pomade for holding everything in place. Can make your moustache 80% more stabby. Be careful kissing your missus. Go in at an angle or something. If you want something softer, go for the Morgans.

Dear Barber Moustache Wax

Movember #5

When your Bro’s have Mo’s…

Movember Foundation

Movember 2016 #1

I ran a series of meme type pictures last year for Movember showing heroic Mo’s for Movember. They were quite well received and made a fair bit of noise. I am appalling at fund raising, but I do hope to raise a bit of awareness for a good cause.

Further reading :

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Went to the London Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride today. I totally failed to raise any funds for the cause. Heres hoping I helped raise at east a smidgen of awareness. Enough for one guy to check his balls before its to late would be enough.

I met the guys from Herald and saw a total of 12 Heralds throughout the day. 12 of the buggers! Only one Sinnis. Herald have gotten quite popular. Hats off to them.