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Affiliate Links : Amazon

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Ever wonder how much affiliate links actually make? Not a lot to be honest. But it is easy to add them in your text.

When you sign up to Amazon affiliates you get a banner like the one in the above image, across the top of your page. When you see something you want to link to, click the banner and choose text or image based links. I always choose text. Right click and copy the link.

In your WordPress post, you type the name of the product you are referring to, highlight it, click ‘add link’ in the WordPress menu, and paste in the link you got from Amazon. It comes out like this :

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You get a few pennies (and I mean pennies) if somebody follows your link to Amazon, then makes a purchases. You do not get paid per click. The effective commissions I am told vary, but for me they are :


If you add enough of them over time (6 months to a year) in useful posts, you may reach £25+ a month from them. But for many people, they barely make the minimum £25 to actually cash them out.

Seeking Freelance Work

My desk is tiny. If a dog sits on it my work station ceases to function. Its function has changed from ‘Book’ to ‘Seeking Freelance Work’ today. By noon I had sent over 200 freelance proposals and 80 CV’s to all manner of different companies.

As many of you know, I’m Peter, and I’m a storyteller for hire. I tell fantastic stories for fantastic companies across social, digital and traditional media. I can tell brands stories via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to reach potential customers. I can tell journalists and bloggers how brands solve problems and make a difference. I can get reviews of brands products on blogs and into digital magazines. I can use real world marketing to get products into store promotions and shows. I can also make banners, leaflets and posters for brands that back up their story tell everyone who and what they are.

Do you know anyone who could use my services? Please do drop them a link to my For Hire page, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂