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A nip into town for the Gentleman’s Grooming Show and some photography turned out to be a massive nostalgia hit and turned into a day lamenting the past and filling with regret.

My plan was to get out of London 5 years ago. I stuck about for a variety of crap reasons. All my friends moved on and out of London, so did the family. I stopped going out with mates, partly because I had few left, largely because of work. I have not been into the centre of town for years.

When I headed down into the West End I was overwhelmed with the feeling that most of my old haunts had gone. Redeveloped into the latest glass buildings. I would love to explore the new places, but I have nobody to explore them with.

If thats the case, why am I still paying into the mortgage for a piddly little 1 bed house, when I could sell it and mortgage free with a 3 bedroom house anywhere else in the UK? That’s a feeling that has been getting progressively bitter within me for years, but now I have time to stop and think on it. Now I have time to regret the life I am wasting. Now it has really hit me.


I love London. But good grief I need to be out of London next year. Before the regret becomes life consuming.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Went to the London Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride today. I totally failed to raise any funds for the cause. Heres hoping I helped raise at east a smidgen of awareness. Enough for one guy to check his balls before its to late would be enough.

I met the guys from Herald and saw a total of 12 Heralds throughout the day. 12 of the buggers! Only one Sinnis. Herald have gotten quite popular. Hats off to them.


It was later they realised the those doing the most damage to London are not the giant stompy monsters, but the politicians.

Brighton Burn Up 2016

brighton burn up ace cafe 2016

Last week I headed to Brighton for the annual Brighton Burn Up. 50,000 or more motorcycles heading to one coastal town, good fun! I took the Sinnis Retrostar. The days break downs involved my rear brakes springs snapping. I shall of course be replacing them with Herald springs. *Sigh*



“I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love!”

Nai looked out the window as a 607 bus went past. Music coming from the top deck. At the back he saw a young scruffy man, dancing with some friends to Primal Scream.

They briefly made eye contact. The 607 carried on into a Friday night, never coming back.

Nai looked down at his paws spotting patches of grey hair.

“Where did that time go?” he pondered.