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So my dog likes my desk set up. She’s not that helpful at productivity boosting mind.

Man time flies when you work from home. A few updates and thoughts.

First of all, the silence on this blog has been deafening right? Sableyes.co.uk has had under relentless attacks on XMLRPC.php and WP-login. It has been chipping away at my bandwidth, but across January and February its become to expensive. I ended up renaming both to something entirely different, and now I have to change them back to normal to just log into the site to post and reply to comments. Sigh right? So for the time being this blog will be stay quiet, with odd hellos and updates but posting frequently will be a pain in the bottom.

Next up, my friend Phil (of Not Very Deep Thoughts) and I seemed to have a running joke for a while, that if you put a million typewriters with a million monkeys in a room, eventually they will write an erotic novel and spam you on Twitter about it.

Well the same is true for marketers. Eventually they will crap out posts about how to get ahead on social media. I did another video for Skillshare, but this one is free permanently. It’s possibly helpful to some of you, but was for me intended as further video making practice. There are some things in life you should charge for, and there are other things Google can tell you.

I am still getting to grips with video creation and slideshows in my free time. Video is a medium that has always escaped me. I can talk to a live audience, give me a room full of people and I will command the room. But talk to a camera where you get no physical response? I still find that odd.

The Little Fears are going better than ever hoped for. I became a featured illustrator on Ello.co, a top writer in Art on Medium.com and am currently 5th featured Tumblr blog under Fiction.

I mean that is pretty good for a blog that is less than 2 months old right? It has picked me up some work too, from doing the illustrations for someone elses book to designing a poster.

Speaking of books, this week I have been working on my first Little Fears book. I have always been told I should put my doodles and stories into a book, but until the Little Fears it never felt right or focused enough. Now I can combine it all properly.

As another friend, Linda Higgins recently said referring back to when I stopped using newsprint for my doodles.

What could have been a problem for you has been IMHO a great success!

Yeah I would say it has alright. I found my feet doodles and fiction through here on Sableyes.co.uk, but I found my stride with them both on the Little Fears.

The freelance life is not all roses though. I keep developing a habit of working from 8am to 9pm. Don’t laugh, hour for hour, that is still a shorter day than when I was actually at my old job, and less stressful. But it is a life I want to peel back on. I have some passive incomes going now which eases the financial pressure somewhat. I want to spend more time away from the laptop screen and more time with the missus and dogs. I am also going to ruin my eyes sitting a laptop all day. Hey we only get one pair, gotta look after them as best we can aye?

I also want to re adjust the time and social side of my online and real life. The old job destroyed my social life for years to the point where I cannot recover my old social life. Online, I barely speak to anyone at the moment unless its work, and that is quite frankly crap. I used to sit for a whole evening talking on blogs on social media. I stopped doing that. I hope to get back to that in March.

On the upside, I did not have to ride my motorbike to work in the snow or through Storm Doris. That was a plus!

That’s about it for now, so I say thank you for reading, and I leave you with a Little Fears YouTube video.