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To Do – Write a To Do

I have been asked a few times how I get so much done in a day, both on my blog and at my place of work. People marvel at how much drawing, writing, PR’ing, social media… Ing… And other ‘ings I get through.

My reply is usually ‘A strong To Do’.

Case in point, a week or so ago, I did this. *Click Me*

An awful lot done in a single day I am sure you will agree.

Yesterday I had no To Do, but I had the drive to get up and get stuff done. I was going to set out my price list for services rendered, get ahead on a weeks blogging, art and photography, and have a nice clean empty Sunday.

I did none of that. I ended up struggling to get my price list written up, three posts done, one I had already made, and then floundered like a bloody fairy for the rest of the day.

The power of a To Do is strong.


To-Do : October Edition

october list to-do

New month, new To Do list.

I went beyond on some items on last months To Do list, then ignored others. This month’s is shorter with lower goals to try and spread myself more evenly.

I have prompts for the month’s posts and projects. The four blog ones being Inktober, Tom Ang’s digital photography book, a return to the Blue Moon Theatre in the tales and a daily post of general opinion.

I also hope to return to my 512 character per post limit. Tighten up. I excel at being concise. Let’s get back to that.

ToDo – Not enough…

So as we get near the end of August, I began my September ToDo list.

For both real life and online I try to write a set of monthly goals. Often its impossible to complete every task. However ToDo’s keep me focused on what I need to do each month.

As I finished my September ToDo list I realized I had no real world freelance goals. My attempts to get more articles and photos published seem to have disappeared. The push for getting freelance PR work has vanished from my list as well. Instead its been replaced with easy to do online jobs. I think my minds trying to take an easy route.

Now that’s an arse. Time to shift focus back onto whats important and stop piddling about some what.

Printing a list of whats installed on your machine

Ok, so this sounds backwards, seeing whats on your machine i mean. Well this, the reason i wanted to do this was to see whats on Xubuntu and Ubuntu. So i can see if theres any packages i may have missed on a XFCE on Ubuntu base install. Make sense? Good!

Open up terminal and enter the following line:

dpkg --get-selections > installed-software

Now open your Home folder and you should have a file there called ‘installed software’. Nifty eh?