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Social Sable

I enjoy social media for work. Building brands social media accounts is always enjoyable for me. I like talking on the internets (you may have noticed this!).

I am bloody awful at pushing my own social media and blogs social accounts though. Its just not something I am interested in doing during blog time. I am however making an effort this month to be seen somewhere by people other than bloggers. So heres some of the social medias I share too.

I am honestly only active on Twitter and sometimes Flickr. But I do check them often so please do say hello if you frequent any of the below networks.

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Blog social


I am a great believer that some people,  sites,  blogs and brands are better suited to a select few social media’s instead of all of them.

Personally I am chatty so Twitter suits me.  I am also about the visual so Ello and Instagram suit me.

I have little to nothing to offer on Pinterest,  G+ or Facebook. That said despite me never visiting G+ and rarely browsing Pinterest I still get clicks from both to my blog.

This has encouraged me to put up my social links and frequent the big 5 on a more personal basis and see if anything grows on any of the platforms. 

You can find me on social media by clicking the little icons to the upper right of this post.  – – >

#90 days of social #21

Instagram Boomerangs

Boomerang is a new feature similar to gif’s for Instagram. They are created using a new app called Instagram Boomerang available on the iOS store and Google Play. It is a simple one button app which takes a burst of photos then plays them back and forth like an animation.

There are some fantastic and creative uses for this to create awesome visual effects. There is also a lot of dogs getting Boomeranged. You can tell where my preference lies. ๐Ÿ™‚

#90 days of social #20

Embedding Instagram photos into WordPress / Blogs

You are here!

A photo posted by Sableyes (@instasable) on

The above embedded picture is quite handy for blogging about Instagram. With links to follow, like and comment it is the best way to share your Instagram to your blog.

To get the code to embed a post, go to your photo on Instagram via a web browser. Click the 3 little dots to the bottom right of the pop up, click Embed and then click Copy Embed Code.

Screenshot from 2015-11-01 11-23-22