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Nailed it!

nailed it

Good grief that’s been annoying me for the longest time! The subscription box was cutting off the end when the theme was shown on a large screen. Not anything major, but rather annoying when you see it often enough on your own site.

Found the code I needed to change by inspecting the element in a browser. The id of the WordPress Jetpack plug ins subscription widget. Then changed the max-width.

If you are having this problem yourself, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Edit CSS and add the following line, with the max-width set to whatever you need.

#subscribe-field-blog_subscription-3 {
max-width: 140px;

Faith in Nature – Blue Cedar Soap

Faith in Nature – Blue Cedar Soap

The Faith in Nature Mens soaps are to be frank, manly. My missus got me this one from Holland and Barret I believe, but the brand gets about, and are available at all good health stores and Amazon at £1.65 a bar.

The fragerence is very natural and wooden. Makes you feel like your washing in a forest, sans lumber jack shirt. You know them womens adverts where they swish their hair about under a waterfall? Well it makes me wanna swish my moustache about like that, in a slightly more manly fashion of course.

As a soap, it cleans like any other good soap. Leaves my skin feeling a bit dry, so not so good for an all over body wash, but good for daily hands and face.

Rating 4 out of 5 Man Points.

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Linked In’s removal


I do not like Linked In. I never have. A few weeks ago, my opinion was cemented. So my current day jobs address gets emails every few days from people who have my address set to connect with them. My personal email address was signed up to Linked In and got bombed with dozens of different email subscriptions it added me to. After the third series of emails I unsubscribed from telling me about who has posted, who is logged in, who has gone to toilet in corporate privvy, I had to log in and uncheck several email lists I was on. I find the email spaming obnoxious and invasive.

What I found even more invasive was the connections. Linked In wants to connect the world. It found and added my day jobs managing director as connection to spam my name too. It connected us by me adding my works email to my phone for a day and sending him an email. Linked In reads and connects everything. Feck that. I should hope Linked In is a top place to find new jobs, because if you announce your intentions of looking for a new job or going freelance and it connects you to your boss, you will need that new job.

My account at current is deleted. I may revisit Linked In some day, but I would keep it isolated on a spare mobile phone, and not use it before I manage to make myself self employed.