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I am a great believer that some people,  sites,  blogs and brands are better suited to a select few social media’s instead of all of them.

Personally I am chatty so Twitter suits me.  I am also about the visual so Ello and Instagram suit me.

I have little to nothing to offer on Pinterest,  G+ or Facebook. That said despite me never visiting G+ and rarely browsing Pinterest I still get clicks from both to my blog.

This has encouraged me to put up my social links and frequent the big 5 on a more personal basis and see if anything grows on any of the platforms. 

You can find me on social media by clicking the little icons to the upper right of this post.  – – >

Installing Icon Themes in Xubuntu

To install an Icon theme in Xubuntu you need to move the folder with the Icon set in to your systems Icon folder. In our beloved Xubuntu that happens to be /usr/share/icons. Ill tell you the GUI way and the Terminal way. In both examples im going to assume you theme is un-tarred and is just a folder sitting on your Desktop.

The GUI Way

Open up Terminal and type:

sudo thunar

Your presented with a Thunar window. Navigate to your desktop, right click your new icon set and hit Copy. Now go to the Icons folder, to get there click File System on the left side of the window. Open the following path of folders.


Paste your icons set folder into your Icons folder, close thunar, and your done. Open the Icons menu on XFCE settings and you should see your new icon sets.

The Terminal Way

Below is the command needed to move an folder from your Desktop to your Icons folder. Obviously replace icon_set_folder with the name of your icon sets folder.

sudo mv /Desktop/icon_set_folder /usr/share/icons

Open the Icons menu on XFCE settings and you should see your new icon sets.

For XFCE icon sets have a look at XFCE-Looks Icon Sets.

Hope somebody finds this usefull ^^