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“It’s not fair” sighed Cordie.

“What isn’t fair?” asked Reala.

“Well” grumbled Cordie, “if I drink lots of alcohol, everybody calls me alcoholic.”

“Right” replied Reala.

“So if I drink lots of Fanta” exclaimed Cordie, “why does nobody calls me fantastic.”

Tales of the Blue Moon


“He dumped me!” yelled Mel.

“Oh dear” replied Reala. “Any idea why?”

“He says all I talk about is football” grumbled Mel.

“Thats a shame” said Reala.

“Good riddance” said Mel, “I’m glad I was only with him for 5 seasons…”

Tales of the Blue Moon


“I was thinkin” said Sath.

“About what” asked Pru.

“Pumpkins” said Sath.

“Huh?” questioned Pru.

“OK” said Sath, “take this pumpkin.”

“Oh thanks” said Pru reaching out”

“No” interrupted Sath. “I mean take this pumpkin as an example. If you divide its circumference by its diameter, what do you get?”

“Hmmm” thought Pru. “Pumpkin Pi?”

Reala groaned from the store room.

Tales of the Blue Moon


“Bloody teachers” grumbled Vicki.

“What’s up?” asked Autumn.

“My math teacher just called me average” ranted Vicki.

“Oh dear” replied Autumn. “How mean…”

Tales of the Blue Moon


“Did you hear” asked Kat, “Brad Pitt has a new missus!”

“Let me see that” said Beth, pulling the celebrity gossip magazine out of Kat’s hands.

“Oh you don’t read these magazines too do you?” Reala asked Autumn, pointing at the magazine in her hands.

“Nono” said Autumn holding up her copy of Scientific Kiwi, to the assembled Mooners.

“Ah no gossip there” said Beth.

“Well” said Autumn, “I just read Oxygen and Magnesium are going out.”

The Mooners all looked at Autumn.

“I’m like OMg” grinned Autumn.

Tales of the Blue Moon