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Gentleman’s Grooming Show

A couple of brands I represent will be at the Gentleman’s Grooming Show this weekend. If any of you fine people will be there as well, let me know, would be groovy to meet up with some fellow bloggers.

For a quick skivvy of mens products I have already reviewed, have a mosey through the Men’s Room on the blog. It looks considerably better now I have a consistent review format aye?

I do like to get the most out of a day. So while in East London I shall be toutin for a bit of extra business and taking as much winter photography as I can. We shall hope for no rain and by Monday, expect to see Christmas decorations and Hyde Park trees on the blog.

Woody’s Daily Conditioner


What is it?
Woody’s Daily Conditioner is a mens hair conditioner from the USA. I got it in my recent ModernMan order. It’s meant to leave your hair nourished and healthy.

How To Use
Apply to freshly washed hair and rinse.

The Pros
The smell is fantastic, reminded me of Tutti Fruitis. Not sure if that was the goal though. Its got green tea, mint, sunflower and ginger in. The amount you get in the bottle is good to, I reckon this is going to last me months.

The Cons
My hair is flat, thin and not much of anything. I have used mens conditioners before and they have left my hair feeling a lil thicker, shinier and bouncier. Woody’s does not do this for my hair. That said, checking other reviews, it seems people with thick hair love it.

The Take Away
Nice smelling product, fairly cheap, but I reckon its not for my hair type. Would suggest it if you have thick hair though.

Woody’s Daily Conditioner

Modern Man

A follow on from ToppBox really. I got myself a delivery of useable mens products from TheModernMan. Groovy little website I have supplied for a few years, will start ordering mens products from them from now on. They have free global delivery, and if you live in the USA you can clean up… Literally at the current exchange rate.

I grabbed myself some Morgans Moustache Pomade, Dear Barber Moustache Pomade, Woodys Conditioner and Woodys Shaving Balm.

Currently loving the Woody’s. Have not tried the Pomades properly.

Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x

flint + flint exfoliator

I got a Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x in a ToppBox last month. It is not a product I would have ever bought in store.

Its meant to clean remove dead skin from the face and leave it looking radiant. It felt nice to use and has a nice fragrance. It feels like its doing the job, but I do not think I suffer with dead skin enough to notice a visual difference.

I’ll also say its expensive. Like £30 a tube expensive.

Possibly a nice product, but a definitely not a product for me.

Toppbox Three

My third Toppbox arrived this week.

Manatomicals Hair & Body Wash
Rogue Eye Serum
Avojo Skin Care Mask
Hippy Paste Deodorant

The subscription ends on the third month. Good idea as I if we had gone onto a 4th month I would have product over flow and be bored of it.

Getting into mens grooming products has been interesting though. I would recommend a 3 month Toppbox subscription to most men.

I shall be purchasing more Trevarno, Bluebeards, Hippy Paste and Indulge Naturally products in the future.