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Autumn rain. Eesh! That brought a halt to proceedings!

It was inevitable that the weather was going to change at some point. That does put a bit of a stopper on my 10,000 steps a day. The dogs will get brisk wet walks around the blog a few times a day, but my steps will be cut in half.

So what now? I need to find an alternative to staying fit that isn’t 10,000 steps a day, most likely indoors.

Erm. Wii fit anyone? Does that work?

Reverse Diet

A few years ago I stopped cycling to work and started using the motorbike all the time. I went from 8 stone to 10 stone. Some years go by at 10.5 stone, and I decide to lose weight. I reduce my calorie intake, and find 6 months later, my weight had gone up to 11 stone.

Turns out I was eating to little. Your body still needs calories to burn calories.

I increased my daily calorie intake, got walking my 10,000 steps a day and 2 months later I am back down to 10.4 stone.

If you want to make some changes to your diet, check out the NHS Livewell website.

September Wrap Up

Ouch. That month ended quickly.

My To-Do list for the month was pretty hit and miss. I managed everything with regards to the blog, and took over 300 photos from a target of 60. My search for offline freelance work remained rock bottom. What the heck is wrong with me there? Upside I did get my business cards through from Moo so taking them everywhere with me may help me get my name out there.

My weight went down, my subscribers went up. Both good.

I also finally killed Nai. A character I have played for 10 years online. Now theres an odd sensation. Gotta go find a new online personality to slide into now. The Tales of the Blue Moon will continue.

I also pulled off several major home jobs, one of which included 5 runs up the tip on a very overloaded motorcycle. Closure on another part of my life. I have a crap load of parts from the Sinnis Trackstar I stripped to sell on Ebay mind.

Onwards and upwards. October awaits.

September ToDo

I made decent progress with my online goals in August but got feck all of my real life goals done. I somehow felt more accountable to my online goals after posting them. So this month I will post my online and real life goals for all to see.

30 Movember Pictures
30 Tales of the Blue Moon
60 Blog Posts
150 Forum Posts
5 Threadless Designs
5 Scribblers Cove Pictures
10 Etsy listings
Clean & Unify all social media profiles
Focus on Pinterest
Backdate and add 200 Pins
Reach 7000 WordPress Subscribers
Write 2 Skillshare Courses
Record 2 Skillshare courses
Resize Threadless Shirt designs
List designs on Redbubble
List designs on Society6
Add all shop icons to right bar of website

60 Photographs
60 Doodles
30 Articles
Find and reach out to 500 potential clients
List 10 things I do not use on eBay
Create and order 500 business cards
Get back into writing paid for articles
Write long term freelance plan (6 months minimum)

Loose more weight
Reach 10,000 steps per day
Keep fitness Journal
Book driving lessons
Complete Gentlemans Ride
Plan NanoWriMo
Read Writers and Artists Yearbook
Change front brake pads on Motorbike
Take & Finish 5 Skillshare courses

I doubt I can finish the entire list in one month, but stuff it. Aim high. Get that middle part of the list rolling. Everything else can follow.

August Wrap Up

5 Threadless Designs (7)
5 etsy listings (did not achieve)
2 skillshare courses (written not recorded)
5000 WordPress subscribers (38095404)
Create Projects menu (postponed)
Update Sinnis review (Done – all posts linked)
Update tech guides (postponed)
Log into old blogs and see what’s still being viewed highly (done)
Get fit (Mostly until the 26th)
5 Scribblers Cove pictures (5)
Write 30 Tales of the Blue Moon (45)
Write 30 blog posts (36)

Not happy about all that red. Etsy listings were down to laziness. Skillshare courses, I never have a house to myself. I must find a quiet place to do recordings. Getting fit faltered when Lily got ill and I couldn’t walk her. She is better now and I did loose weight and got fitter. I would have liked to see it through the whole month though ya’know?