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In which shit gets done.

Holy crap I have so much on my to do list for August. I do not believe a life can be lived and an income made easily online, so there’s offline real world stuff I am aiming for not listed below such as making business cards and meeting new contacts.

For my blog, book and odd bits of extra teaching and design though…

5 Threadless Designs
5 etsy listings
2 skillshare courses
Reach 5000 WordPress subscribers (currently 3809)
Create Projects menu
Update Sinnis review
Update tech guides
Log into old blogs and see what’s still be viewed highly and why
Get fit (Note diet and exercise daily)
5 Scribblers Cove pictures
Write 30 Tales of the Blue Moon
Write 30 blog posts

All this works towards self improvement mentally, physically and financially. Posting this to do list so I can hold myself accountable to this at the end of the month. Shall let you know how I get on.

1000 WordPress Subscribers in a month

Get in.

Well. A little over a month actually.

When I backup and imported my blog end of last year I made a cock up and my subscribers were set back to 0. I set myself a target of 1000 genuine subscribers by the end of January. I created a post a day, every day for the whole month on topics I want to post or write.

Lots of Tippex and Posca images, lots of amusing Tales of the Blue Moon, a bit about motorbikes, lots of dog pictures and a few posts about technology in the mix.

I then set out to find like minded people, people who may be interested in what I do and what I have to say.

I followed a series of tags on WordPress reader.


Short Story



Second Life

I also added a few I was interested in for work where I need to deal with bloggers, providing samples and getting bloggers to review our products.


I then set myself some arbitrary limits on what I could do each day for a few reasons. I loath spam and insincerity, and I also wanted something record-able. ‘Do this and x happens’. I also dislike wasting my time and other peoples time. Someone who writes and follows blogs on being a great mother, will most most likely find nothing of interest on my site. So I don’t waste theirs or my time following them.

My limits were :

Only respond to images or posts that I have an interest in myself.
For every 3 Post Likes
I Follow 2 Blogs
Leave 1 Comment

I also said I would spend half an hour to an hour, no more, doing this each day. It turns out, there are spam limits on WordPress reader. I hit it twice. I have no idea what causes you to hit the spam limit, but if you hit it, its probably for a reason. Take that as your que to stop for the day.

The result was from December 28th to January 30th I went from a handful of followers to 1015 followers with some extra email subscribers.

I also met a lot of like minded dog loving, graffiti making, Ubuntu using, motorcycle riding, story telling people who inspire me to make further posts who have some wonderful blogs I am now subscribed too.