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Featured Image from Url

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Now heres a damned handy plugin.

A featured image usually appears quite large sized across the tops of posts and in sliders. They are also the default image all shares to social media use. It’s handy to hot link an image from Flickr or Photobucket for your featured image due to bandwidth and storage size of large photos if you host your own website. WordPress however does not give you that option.

This plugin does. It gives you a little widget on your add / edit post page where you can paste in an url from anywhere for your featured image.

The only downside is your theme needs to be able to handle them well. In my case I have dicked about with the CSS so much, I get a giant block across the screen when I try to set a featured image heh.

I imagine some of you lot must have a use for this though!

Auto Share vs Manual Sharing

A follow up post on auto-publishing to social networks vs manually sharing to social networks.

In all honesty, taking the time to manually share as opposed to auto-sharing gained me nothing in the way of views. I did however learn to use the auto share more effectively by manually filling in what it shares. Give the auto share a better custom message with hash tags included and it makes as much of a difference as manually sharing each post. It just takes less time to do.

I also learned that Tumblr does not show images from my site in its preview posts of my site, it only shows images hot linked from Flickr into my post. Not really an issue, I do not host many images on my site. I can just hot link all images from Flickr from now on.

Blog social


I am a great believer that some people,  sites,  blogs and brands are better suited to a select few social media’s instead of all of them.

Personally I am chatty so Twitter suits me.  I am also about the visual so Ello and Instagram suit me.

I have little to nothing to offer on Pinterest,  G+ or Facebook. That said despite me never visiting G+ and rarely browsing Pinterest I still get clicks from both to my blog.

This has encouraged me to put up my social links and frequent the big 5 on a more personal basis and see if anything grows on any of the platforms. 

You can find me on social media by clicking the little icons to the upper right of this post.  – – >