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7 Things I look for in Bloggers wanting products for review


Gonna say it. I feel proper dirty for using a title like that, but its the best description of this post.

As many of you know I do the PR for 3 beauty & style brands. Hair and Beauty posts do not really have a place on this blog (yet), but my experience in PR and social media does. I often see bloggers asking or trying to get brands attention so they can get products for reviews and such. From my perspective, there are a number of things I would suggest on the subject.

What I look for in a blogger asking for products review are :

– A prior review of our products. Do one off your own back as an ice breaker and I am much more likely to send you products later for review.

– A responsive following. The amount of followers varies, but if I see a blog with no comments or interaction, why would a brand send you a free product? What is in it for the brand?

– Regular postings. I ignore requests for free product if the last blog post was 2 years ago.

– Links to sites & social medias. I do not have the time to look for bloggers off an email address. If you contact a brand, include a link to your blog, and your social medias if they are relevant.

– Manners. I never expect anyone to kiss my bum, but if someone is rude online to me, or to others, I do not want a brands PR associated with them.

– Reliability. Life happens. But if I send someone a product, never see a review or hear from them again, I will never deal with them again. If there is a problem, let me know.

– Honesty. This is brand and blogger dependent. A lot of brands want advertorials. I personally despise advertorials. If a products crap, its crap. Give a good polite explanation why, and I can use that as constructive feedback.

I know that dealing with PR people is hard. They are often unresponsive and difficult. But when I get into work on a Monday morning and see 100+ emails asking for free stuff from bloggers, I am going to ignore the majority of them and bookmark the best.

Ubuntu Full Circle Free Magazinel

I was reminded of this cracking free download magazine yesterday. its a downloadable free magazine about Ubuntu of course.

I went looking for all my old issues last night and in true distro hopper style realised they had been swallowed by the hard drive monster yonks ago. I grabbed the most recent issue and after a quick read found it to still be a really good quality magazine.

Now why cant they sell it in newsagents eh? ^^

Have a nosey and download a copy yourself, its free so whats stopping you? ^^