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1000 Subscribers WordPress Skillshare Course

Skillshare are back at it with the $0.99 Subscription Sale. The teachers have a referral link allowing new students a 3 month subscription for $0.99.

The link below goes to my course, but once signed up you get full access to thousands of teachers courses covering everything from social media and creative writing to knitting and origami. I’m bias, I know, but for $0.99 it is an bargain.

How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month on Skillshare.

How I gained 1000 WordPress in a month

Turns out Skillshare are having another sale. If you head over to my Skillshare course, How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month, you can get access to thousands of courses on social media, arts and crafts, blogging, typography and all manor of awesome things for just $0.99.

Regardless of whether you take my course or not, theres an awful lot of talented teachers and brilliant courses to take. Have a mosey over and see if anything takes your interest.

Skillshare 3 months access for $0.99.

Free WordPress following course going premium in 24 hours


The course for gaining a WordPress following which I put on Skillshare the other day has received 30 enrolments, all positive reviews and some good feedback here. So its going to go premium tomorrow. If you join and enrol within the next day you get free access to it always.

If you join after it goes to premium, a premium account on Skillshare costs 99 cents for three months and gives you access to thousands of classes far more professional than mine.

Hit the link below to join :

How to gain 1000 WordPress followers in a month on Skillshare