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1000 Subscribers WordPress Skillshare Course

Skillshare are back at it with the $0.99 Subscription Sale. The teachers have a referral link allowing new students a 3 month subscription for $0.99.

The link below goes to my course, but once signed up you get full access to thousands of teachers courses covering everything from social media and creative writing to knitting and origami. I’m bias, I know, but for $0.99 it is an bargain.

How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month on Skillshare.

Using Forums

Old school discussion forums! I love them! OK so they are dated and quietly fading into the background, possibly thanks to social media taking over as a digital way to communicate.

That said, when I sought answers from my old blog last month, I found forums to be the biggest contributor to my 7 years dead old blog. Most of the hits came from guides I had fully shared onto forums such as UbuntuForums.org, with a link either in my signature or at the bottom of my post.

Social media may be more popular than web forums, but there is something to be said for joining a community and joining or starting discussions outside of the blogosphere to aid your blogs traffic.

Jetpack 4.3.1 fixed?


Not sure…

Some regulars reappeared here today and Debug says I am attached to WordPress again. However I am told by a few that people still are not getting notifications of new posts. Something may still be wrong. Oh well.

On the flip side this re-taught me a valuable lesson about all my eggs in one basket. I do not think Social Media or web links are vital for any blogger. But when you run your blog as a rolling PR or make a few bob out of it, you cannot rely on one source of visitors. I did say I was going to go visit Pinterest and web forums this month. Would be a good idea, as I currently only have 6300 WordPress subscribers, who may or may not be seeing my posts, and no main other income of visitors.

How I gained 1000 WordPress in a month

Turns out Skillshare are having another sale. If you head over to my Skillshare course, How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month, you can get access to thousands of courses on social media, arts and crafts, blogging, typography and all manor of awesome things for just $0.99.

Regardless of whether you take my course or not, theres an awful lot of talented teachers and brilliant courses to take. Have a mosey over and see if anything takes your interest.

Skillshare 3 months access for $0.99.

Revisiting old blogs

Screenshot from 2016-08-13 12-13-38

One of the items on my To Do list for August. Log into old blogs and see what’s still being viewed highly.

One of my old blogs which I transferred to here was Naiux. A mostly Linux based blog with tips, hints and guides, started before I knew what blogging was about. It still gets over 10k views a year.

The top viewed posts were mostly helpful posts. The guide for getting IDJC working, one of the best, but massive pain in the arse pieces of DJ software on Linux. Same as the XFCE icon guide. A lot of the top posts are install guides. I also see the Linux MMORPG list is still at the top, despite it being out of date. The reason I believe its up the top, is nobody has made a better one.

I also see the difference between this blog and the old blog in how people find my site. On Naiux nearly everyone finds me through Google or forum links. On Sableyes its Google and WordPress Reader. Revisiting forums and becoming an active poster again can go on my September To Do list.

Updating my tech guides which I had planned for this month, may get pushed back to next month. I am running out of time, and after looking at them, I believe they need a full re-write. Doh.

Also had a re-spark of interest for virtual worlds. Not interested in VR, but used to love MMORPGs. A place where I have made some of my longest time friendships and met my missus. I have a massive lack of time to play them nowadays. I log into Second Life once a week, but thats about it.