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“Wanna go on a date with me?” asked the Alpaca.

“No” replied Reala sternly.

“Oh come on, at least have a picnic with me” he replied.

“Oh aye” said Reala, “you are a llama of some sort, how will bring food to a picnic?”

“Alpaca lunch” he replied.

Reala grimaced.



An Alpaca walked into Blue Moons wearing a huge slice of toast around his neck.

Reala looked over, grimacing. “Why are you in my theatre?” she asked.

“Browsin” replied the Alpaca.

“Whats with the toast?” asked Reala, walking right into it.

“Oh this?” said the Alpaca. “I’m inbred…”


“What sorts of things are you into SisterMoon?” asked Reala.

“Stalking” said SisterMoon.

“Really?” said Reala, “I like jogging, cinemas, dancing and moonlit beach walks myself.”

“I know” replied SisterMoon.



“Late again” grumbled Reala.

“Sorry!” exclaimed Fuen. “Cheese factory exploded on my route in.”

“Oh dear” said Reala, “is everyone OK?”

“I think so” said Fuen, “but de-brie everywhere.”


“Urgh I have another session today” grumped Ailsa.

“What with?” asked Autumn.

“My therapist” sighed Ailsa.

“What are you seeing a therapist for?” asked Autumn.

“He says I have a pre occupation with vengeance” said Ailsa. “We’ll see about that…”