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Faith in Nature – Blue Cedar Soap

Faith in Nature – Blue Cedar Soap

The Faith in Nature Mens soaps are to be frank, manly. My missus got me this one from Holland and Barret I believe, but the brand gets about, and are available at all good health stores and Amazon at £1.65 a bar.

The fragerence is very natural and wooden. Makes you feel like your washing in a forest, sans lumber jack shirt. You know them womens adverts where they swish their hair about under a waterfall? Well it makes me wanna swish my moustache about like that, in a slightly more manly fashion of course.

As a soap, it cleans like any other good soap. Leaves my skin feeling a bit dry, so not so good for an all over body wash, but good for daily hands and face.

Rating 4 out of 5 Man Points.