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Social Sable

I enjoy social media for work. Building brands social media accounts is always enjoyable for me. I like talking on the internets (you may have noticed this!).

I am bloody awful at pushing my own social media and blogs social accounts though. Its just not something I am interested in doing during blog time. I am however making an effort this month to be seen somewhere by people other than bloggers. So heres some of the social medias I share too.

I am honestly only active on Twitter and sometimes Flickr. But I do check them often so please do say hello if you frequent any of the below networks.

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In a bit Ello

I posted the other day that the Ello.com Beta for Android had come about. I was pretty excited, this was the social media platform I wanted to try. However, I cannot leave comments from the Android App. Naff it. Well it is a beta, I am sure that will be fixed in due course. Until then, I will see you in a bit Ello.co.

Ello Ello

Have you tried Ello.co? Its a social media network that prides itself on privacy and never selling ads. It came to the public eye last year as the media faced it off against Facebook. Somewhat unfair to face a startup with ethics against the squajillion dollar juggernaut of Facebook IMHO.

Ellos come back into my eye with an android beta. Only annoying thing I find so far is no sharing from gallery to ello. That’s how I share my pictures to all other social platforms.

It is an awfully friendly artistic hangout. I like it even if I don’t spend much time there yet. Last time I posted was November! Cripes!

Got an ello.co account? Say hello to me at https://ello.co/sableyes

Auto Share vs Manual Sharing

A follow up post on auto-publishing to social networks vs manually sharing to social networks.

In all honesty, taking the time to manually share as opposed to auto-sharing gained me nothing in the way of views. I did however learn to use the auto share more effectively by manually filling in what it shares. Give the auto share a better custom message with hash tags included and it makes as much of a difference as manually sharing each post. It just takes less time to do.

I also learned that Tumblr does not show images from my site in its preview posts of my site, it only shows images hot linked from Flickr into my post. Not really an issue, I do not host many images on my site. I can just hot link all images from Flickr from now on.