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In which shit gets done.

Holy crap I have so much on my to do list for August. I do not believe a life can be lived and an income made easily online, so there’s offline real world stuff I am aiming for not listed below such as making business cards and meeting new contacts.

For my blog, book and odd bits of extra teaching and design though…

5 Threadless Designs
5 etsy listings
2 skillshare courses
Reach 5000 WordPress subscribers (currently 3809)
Create Projects menu
Update Sinnis review
Update tech guides
Log into old blogs and see what’s still be viewed highly and why
Get fit (Note diet and exercise daily)
5 Scribblers Cove pictures
Write 30 Tales of the Blue Moon
Write 30 blog posts

All this works towards self improvement mentally, physically and financially. Posting this to do list so I can hold myself accountable to this at the end of the month. Shall let you know how I get on.

Making a living from my home

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Fueled by Tea.

It is something I intend to be doing by years end. I shall not present a perfect bubble image of my life. I am a long way off right now. Like, a really long way off.

My problem is I have spent nearly my whole life until not knowing I was good at much. Then last year I realized I was not just good at a few things, but bloody awesome at a lot of things. It’s one of them things, we often look at ourselves and think we are hopeless, then look at other peoples talent and question ‘how do you not know you are good at that?’

Well last year I realized I was a good leader. I start movements and people just follow. I am good at running social media. Some people struggle to get comments or build followings. I do not. See my prior post on how I got 1000 wordpress subscribers in a month with very little effort and find the last post I made that did not get any comments. I am a good writer. I write the stupidest stories on the Internet, yet people still read and respond to them. I doodle on things. Like constantly. Usually badly with Tipp-Ex and posca paint pens. Other people seem to enjoy it more than anyone should. I am guessing that means I am good at erm… Art? Would you call it art? My 8 year old blog guides on Linux still get linked to today. I have always been told I would make a good teacher.

So I am now realize I am good at a lot of things, and I can apply these talents in a lot of ways.

I am for hire. I can manage social media and websites for brands, I can do digital and real world marketing. I can teach on Skillshare and YouTube. I can write a book or sell stories and scripts to publishers and magazines. I can write articles for other peoples blogs or magazines, print or digital. I can monetize the blog. It seems to be popular. I can sell art on Ebay, Etsy or Folksy. Alternatively I can sell textures on Creative Market or Design Cuts. Or take my little stick figure monsters to Red Bubble, Cafe Press or Society6. I can sell my photos on stock photography websites.

Theres just one problem with all that. When you are good at so many things, and can make a living so many ways, how do you figure out which way to run?

Do you make money online, work from home or do any of the above? How did you decide which way to go first?