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Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.9 – ISO 800


Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Went to the London Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride today. I totally failed to raise any funds for the cause. Heres hoping I helped raise at east a smidgen of awareness. Enough for one guy to check his balls before its to late would be enough.

I met the guys from Herald and saw a total of 12 Heralds throughout the day. 12 of the buggers! Only one Sinnis. Herald have gotten quite popular. Hats off to them.

Gentlemen and Moustaches

Charity events. Something I stopped doing when I was young. I remember getting into sponsored runs and marathons when I was a youth. Always had something going on. Then I became an adult, got a job, donated by direct debit to a couple of causes until they dried up then stopped.

Last year I was a part of the Ace Cafe Movember event, and quite enjoyed it. Yes yes I know, Movember = Barbers = Hipsters, but I do not really care. If someone spends their free time raising money for cancer research, who the heck is anyone to criticize?

So I have signed up for the Gentlemans Ride in September and I will be chopping off my magnificent moustache for Movember. Hoping to whip up some sponsors and awareness in the meantime.