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One of the first T Shirts I uploaded to Threadless had this guy on. The problem was he was too big. Like way to big. He covered the whole front of the shirt. I like the look of him, but aesthetically on a shirt, it was kinda dumb. Also only available in white. Hey it was my first time with this sorta thing.

I spent some time talking to people on Twitter, there was a general agreement though that I needed to shrink him center his eyes to the neck line better, offer more than white and give him a more Tweet & Facebook friendly image.

The above was the result. Quite happy with it. Sometimes its the little changes that make the difference.

You can buy Smoke in a million (maybe 20) different colours on my Threadless store.

Threadless Do-Over

I have been threatening this for a while. I cried D0-Over on my Threadless store. Retired 10 designs and remade 5 designs. I reckon they all look a ruddy lot better. The cloud one in particular I just resized and it seemed to make a world of difference.

While I was at it I found the custom store cover page and redid the artwork on display for each one and added most 20+ more colour options for each outside of just white. A shuffle of the designs and a new store layout added too. Will be working on little promo banners for each next.

Some of the retired designs will be back once they have been redrawn. For now, I am pretty darned happy with the new store look and shirts.

Sableyes Threadless Store

One Day

Screenshot from 2016-10-16 09-35-49

I do wonder if you had a focus on blogging or earning from home, what would your 8 hour working day look like? Obviously it will change from day to day, I will have days where I design for other people, write for other people, video Skillshare courses, make YouTube videos and create Etsy art.

But its a good question for those bloggers that want to leave their remnants of their day job isn’t it? What would an average 8 hour day look like to you?

If I ignored any work I had been asked to do, it might look like this.

1 Hour on blog posts
1 Hours on Tales (video and written)
1 Hour creating art images

1 Hour putting salable images on S6/Threadless/Redbubble
1 Hour finding places to get published

30 Minutes finding new clients
30 Minutes tidying / grammar checking blog
30 Minutes of photography
30 Minutes reading and commenting on others blog

1 Hour on Social Media (The time trap!)

I shall have to give it a go and see how much I can actually get done in a full 8 hour day. Stop watch at the ready!


Peace ?

“Anyone seen a white bird?”

Originally drawn with Posca pens and Tipp-Ex, then scanned in for the Scribblers Cove theme Peace, then digitized and now available in my Threadless Store.