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Insight Shampoo & Conditioner

What is it?
Insight Daily use Shampoo and Conditioner are a Salon orientated line of hair products. The Daily Use Conditioner and Shampoo contain organic lemon extract, apricot butter, sunflower oil and corn germ. Found them at Salon International London earlier this year.

How To Use
For the shampoo, rinse hair, apply to wet hair, distributing evenly, rinse shampoo out. For conditioner, apply to wet hair distributing evenly throughout, leave for 3/5 minutes, rinse out.

The Pros
They have a pleasant Unisex fragrance. The shampoo lathers up to an admirably¬† soapy froth and is a quick cleaner compared to most of the mens ‘shampoo and and body wash’ type of products I use. The conditioner was really good at leaving hair feeling¬† hair feeling full of life and bounce. Not something men often want, but I have obscenely thin hair. Anything that helps my barnet look like anything other than a drowned cat I will take. It can also be found really cheap. ¬£11 for 1000ml! That’s a lot of shampoo for the money! I mean, its about, you know, 10 lots of 100ml. Which is a lot.

The Cons
Seemed to be a salon aimed line, so may not be readily available in stores. Also the font style packaging may prevent it from taking off and being a big seller. I cannot think of many font packaged brands that have lasted any length of time.

The Take Away
You get a lot of good shampoo and conditioner for the money, even greater if you have thin hair. Would recommend.

Insight Daily Shampoo
Insight Daily Conditioner