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That pile of crap would drive you nuts right? I know it will drive me nuts. It has sat on the other side of the drawers up the end of the hallway for years. The 2 owl boxes and odds and ends of motorcycle parts.

The problem is, the hallway is long, and goes nowhere except under the stairs. Thats a few metres past the drawers that you can fill with crap and never see, look at and deal with.

Thats a problem. We put stuff in there and it just sits, from now until evermore. That does not sit well with my minimalist values. So I dragged some of it out, dumped it near my desk where I have to look at it and I know its going to drive me mental looking at that mess until I either sort it, tidy it or Ebay it.

Now theres a life metaphor. It’s easy to ignore things we cannot see isn’t it? Family, friends, health issues, that squeak at the back of the car or a leaky tap.

If like me, you lean to the OCD side of cleaning up a mess, try putting whatever you are ignoring in front of you. Put it where you have to keep seeing it. A new tap next to your alarm clock. The mechanics card on to your dashboard. A photo of family by your desk.

*Opens Ebay app*

My obsession returned >.<

My obsession with having a clean menu and minimal amount of crud installed on my system has returned. >.<

In case your not a regular reader, a month or so ago i went against all my normal instincts with a fresh install of Xubuntu Intrepid (Linkage to article).

I installed :

Open Office (the whole suite)
30 odd games
And much much more…

I sat looking at my huge menu today and weeped. I could not hold it in any longer! The terminal was opened, and off i went with a sudo apt-get purge list-longer-than-my-arm. I am now back down to 10-15 applications total. I am much much happier. I guess some people are not meant to have bloated PC’s…… ^^