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A character after initial doodle I dumped on Flickr and ignored. I later got told by a few people that it was their favorite doodle of mine. Getting it into a high rez image was really hard though. The original doodle is about 2cm high. It was tiny. No matter how I upsized and vectored her she always had little bobbles on her lines. After some shouting, swearing and bashing the laptop about, I got the bobble lines into semi bobble lines that I loved. The result ended up on the T Shirt above.

Yuffie was the name of a necromancer I used to play in Ultima Online. If you are going to be evil, be evil with a groovy name. Yuffie is now available on my Threadless store page.


“Urgh I have another session today” grumped Ailsa.

“What with?” asked Autumn.

“My therapist” sighed Ailsa.

“What are you seeing a therapist for?” asked Autumn.

“He says I have a pre occupation with vengeance” said Ailsa. “We’ll see about that…”




Last Autodesk character doodles for the minute.