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In which shit gets done.

Holy crap I have so much on my to do list for August. I do not believe a life can be lived and an income made easily online, so there’s offline real world stuff I am aiming for not listed below such as making business cards and meeting new contacts.

For my blog, book and odd bits of extra teaching and design though…

5 Threadless Designs
5 etsy listings
2 skillshare courses
Reach 5000 WordPress subscribers (currently 3809)
Create Projects menu
Update Sinnis review
Update tech guides
Log into old blogs and see what’s still be viewed highly and why
Get fit (Note diet and exercise daily)
5 Scribblers Cove pictures
Write 30 Tales of the Blue Moon
Write 30 blog posts

All this works towards self improvement mentally, physically and financially. Posting this to do list so I can hold myself accountable to this at the end of the month. Shall let you know how I get on.

Writing a book in the digital age


I have 3 novellas written I have not shown anyone. I also have a 7 year backlog of the Tales of the Blue Moon. The Tales of the Blue Moon includes 100+ stage comedy sketches, stories written to be read in Jackanory fashion, several plays, some dance routines and a mountain of flash fiction restricted to 512 characters long. The length of a Second Life group notice where the Blue Moon resides in case you were wondering.

I copy pasted the flash fiction alone into a word document this week and it came out nearly 20,000 words. Christ alive thats a lot of flash fiction. Is it enough for a book though? How many words are usually in flash fiction books? Would the Tales work as a flash fiction book or a joke book? Should I form them into a continuous story like a novel? Would anyone actually buy a book of the Tales of the Blue Moon?

Do not try google’ing any of them questions by the way. You will be going around in circles for days. I went looking for collection books though. It seems there is a writers mentality that a short stories collection should be between 50,000 – 75,000 words. I do not think that would work with the Tales of the Blue Moon. 50,000 words? Even I would get sick of them.

XKCD went to 110 pages, including cover and preface, of single page comics. That reminded of me the 70’s & 80’s joke books I had when I was a kid with 101 joke collections. Maybe thats the perspective I should be taking with a Tales of the Blue Moon book. 100 – 200 flash pun stories with a mix in of longer stories and a running story though out. That appeals to me, and I reckon its something the followers of the Blue Moon would read.

Now where did I leave that list of gullible publishers who would publish this thing for me?