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Affiliate Links : Amazon

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Ever wonder how much affiliate links actually make? Not a lot to be honest. But it is easy to add them in your text.

When you sign up to Amazon affiliates you get a banner like the one in the above image, across the top of your page. When you see something you want to link to, click the banner and choose text or image based links. I always choose text. Right click and copy the link.

In your WordPress post, you type the name of the product you are referring to, highlight it, click ‘add link’ in the WordPress menu, and paste in the link you got from Amazon. It comes out like this :

Filofax a5 Brown Retro Organizer

You get a few pennies (and I mean pennies) if somebody follows your link to Amazon, then makes a purchases. You do not get paid per click. The effective commissions I am told vary, but for me they are :


If you add enough of them over time (6 months to a year) in useful posts, you may reach £25+ a month from them. But for many people, they barely make the minimum £25 to actually cash them out.

September ToDo

I made decent progress with my online goals in August but got feck all of my real life goals done. I somehow felt more accountable to my online goals after posting them. So this month I will post my online and real life goals for all to see.

30 Movember Pictures
30 Tales of the Blue Moon
60 Blog Posts
150 Forum Posts
5 Threadless Designs
5 Scribblers Cove Pictures
10 Etsy listings
Clean & Unify all social media profiles
Focus on Pinterest
Backdate and add 200 Pins
Reach 7000 WordPress Subscribers
Write 2 Skillshare Courses
Record 2 Skillshare courses
Resize Threadless Shirt designs
List designs on Redbubble
List designs on Society6
Add all shop icons to right bar of website

60 Photographs
60 Doodles
30 Articles
Find and reach out to 500 potential clients
List 10 things I do not use on eBay
Create and order 500 business cards
Get back into writing paid for articles
Write long term freelance plan (6 months minimum)

Loose more weight
Reach 10,000 steps per day
Keep fitness Journal
Book driving lessons
Complete Gentlemans Ride
Plan NanoWriMo
Read Writers and Artists Yearbook
Change front brake pads on Motorbike
Take & Finish 5 Skillshare courses

I doubt I can finish the entire list in one month, but stuff it. Aim high. Get that middle part of the list rolling. Everything else can follow.

ToDo – Not enough…

So as we get near the end of August, I began my September ToDo list.

For both real life and online I try to write a set of monthly goals. Often its impossible to complete every task. However ToDo’s keep me focused on what I need to do each month.

As I finished my September ToDo list I realized I had no real world freelance goals. My attempts to get more articles and photos published seem to have disappeared. The push for getting freelance PR work has vanished from my list as well. Instead its been replaced with easy to do online jobs. I think my minds trying to take an easy route.

Now that’s an arse. Time to shift focus back onto whats important and stop piddling about some what.


Good grief I had the most amazing dream the other night! It went on far ages! It played out like a film or a thriller novel!

I woke up buzzing, this was my ticket, I could blog about it, or write it out for NanoWriMo, get a book deal followed by move rights! It was awesome!

I grabbed my pen and paper, and started to… Wait… Sally is squeaking. I better take her out or she will pee on the floor.

Lily and Sally out and pee’d, I am back in and oh god that was cold and wet. I need a tea before I start writing.

Kettle boiled, tea made, back to writing this awesome dream down.

Urgh, wait, hang on, morning breath… And it can cut through steel… OK, brush teeth, may as well wash and shave while I’m in the bathroom.

Back to my seat. Now for that truly unforgettable dream!

That awesome dream…

That once in lifetime dream…


Was there a bear in it?… Or a Dolphin…


Problem Posts

An issue keeps occurring on my tablet. Posts that publish themselves on months back dates at random. It usually happens when I am editing something, but this weeks posted for March 2016 when I was editing the text. On a tablet you do not see the dates on pre-scheduled posts without skipping to a second page to edit the time, date and tags so theres no way off accidentally changing them. *Sigh*

On top of that the Android app no longer refreshes properly. So in Reader I am only able to go down 10 posts tops and if I edit anything it rarely saves drafts properly. Often mashing up posts texts so the next time I open it I wonder if Stevie Wonder typed it.

Need to get the new laptop sorted onto Linux properly with a decent hard drive and move off of Android for blogging for now.

Now if only someone at PC World hadn’t fibbed when they sold me this laptop…